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Benefits of 4G Internet Backup for Business Continuity

Internet Backup

It’s no secret that access to uninterrupted connectivity has become essential to stay competitive in today’s markets. Whether you’re an entrepreneur running a small business or an IT professional in a large corporation with international operations, your ability to conduct business quickly and effectively depends on your network. This is why investing in a reliable, high-speed backup internet service is fundamental for business success.

Internet backup is a service that provides a continuous connection to keep your business online in the event the primary transport – whether fiber, cable, or DSL – goes down. If your internet access fails due to construction or an emergency, the backup will keep you connected to cloud services, clients, and colleagues. More than a dual connection, the service has a failover mechanism built-in so that if the main connection fails, the backup network automatically kicks in, and business continues to operate smoothly. When the primary connection service is restored, the Hughes solution automatically returns. Backup internet service with the smarts to turn on as needed and ensure continuous connectivity so a business never misses an opportunity due to a lack of reliable internet access.

Benefits of a Hughes 4G backup implementation include:

  • Path Diversity. 4G LTE brings path diversity to the table. Path diversity means that an outage in one part of the network doesn't take out your whole connection: your data can take alternative routes if needed. This reliability is invaluable when running mission-critical services like point-of-sale, online ordering, and security systems.

  • Nationwide Coverage. 4G provides a reliable transport, broad coverage, and download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds of 3 Mbps, the 4G service will keep your business running with a steady connection.

  • Ultimate Flexibility. The Hughes solution offers 4G connectivity from any of the major carriers, and we can choose the carrier with the best signal strength at each location. You get reliable connectivity, and Hughes will manage the carriers.

  • Total Confidence. With 4G backup, you'll never have to worry about losing your connection because if your primary Internet goes down, 4G will automatically take over and you can keep working. Knowing that you have a reliable backup plan in place takes the worry out of losing internet access.

In today's digital age, continuity is essential for business success. With 4G internet backup, businesses can ensure that business never gets disconnected. 4G internet backup protects against outages, and it is proven reliable, so you can count on it when you need it most.

Working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) removes the burden of installation, monitoring and maintenance of network services. An experienced MSP uses lessons learned and processes developed over time to provide your business with proven and reliable implementations.

If you're searching for reliable 4G backup internet service, look no further than Hughes. Our managed services offer comprehensive solutions to keep you connected, and your customers satisfied. We can help you plan, install, and operate the ideal 4G backup network with advanced speeds, cybersecurity, and ease of use. Contact Hughes today to get started on protecting your business from internet outages.