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All The Reasons Secure Connectivity Services Makes Sense for Your Enterprise


In some ways, small-to-medium sized enterprises can feel the strain of security threats in more ways than larger corporations. It’s not only your business and employees, but also your customers’ personal information that are on the line should a data breach occur, and this is a responsibility that’s important to consider.

Smaller scale businesses can also feel particularly vulnerable to cyber threats and fraud when incorporating new technology into their systems, especially with cloud-based applications.

A key reason to consider SCS is that it allows you to guard your network against cyber threats using the award-winning Fortinet security platform. This means you’ll be able to protect your business in a number of ways. Some of these include protection against cyber-security intrusions, like ransomware and credit card fraud, which are just two examples. Taking these steps will ensure your customers’ transactions and customer data is secure. This level of quality and customer-care are crucial to offer in today’s digital age. HughesON Secure Connectivity Services – or SCS – is a Managed Security and back-up service that offers small-to-medium businesses the ability to safeguard network connections and protects customers.

Another reason for SCS is a hassle-free installation. With an SCS installation, you will be up and running quickly with an easy and cost-effective process – it doesn’t even require an IT department. It also includes the new up to date requirements for PCI with a PCI Compliance Suite with Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) training for annual compliance certification. Staying up to date with PCI requirements will ensure the level of security your customers need. SCS leaves room for your business to grow and change with the services you need. The maintenance, installation and security upgrades grow and change with your business.

Customer data protection is another reason SCS can help your enterprise. SCS will ensure your customers’ transactions and data are secure; and protect your business against cyber-security intrusions at all times. With extensive support offered by Hughes, we can provide assistance when and where your enterprise needs it the most.

SCS can safeguard your network connections with reliable backup options, offering 4G back-up that optimizes network performance and works to find the best path for data to use.