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SCS Delivers Big for Smaller Locations


Even under normal circumstances, Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) face many challenges. There is always some level of uncertainty about the future, and in the midst of a pandemic, the stakes are even higher.

With the closing of so many brick-and-mortar locations, an ever-increasing percentage of business is being pushed online—and in light of this, a stable and secure connection to business systems, particularly for SMBs, has never been more important. To address this, Hughes has introduced Secure Connectivity Services (SCS), a managed security and network backup solution.

Hughes has many years of experience with larger enterprises and franchises, building solutions to fit the needs of customers of all shapes and sizes. With SCS, we’ve applied this experience to an SMB offering, providing a large enterprise solution at a small business price.

Your employees need a strong and reliable connection wherever their access points may be, and your customers need to know that their information is secure—no small business wants to ruin their reputation with a breach of customer data.

SCS helps you achieve these goals by protecting your SMB against cyber threats using the award-winning Fortinet security platform, all while maintaining a strong connection for accessing cloud-based applications. SCS helps keep customer transactions and data secure.

While most SMBs don’t have a full time IT team or the technical knowledge to build out a secure network, that doesn't mean they need to sacrifice security. With Hughes SCS you can keep your existing broadband connection and add a managed firewall with an easy plug-and-play self-installation that will save you money. And because this is a Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) platform, you won't need any technical experience to get it up and running.

In addition to security, SMBs need a reliable network to process transactions because even a network outage can threaten a business. With the 4G backup offered by SCS, you have an always on connection, so even if your primary network fails, you can still process transactions.

Another benefit of SCS is its adaptability as your SMB grows. Hughes offers many add on options for additional flexibility. Including guest Wi-Fi, secure remote access, professional installation, and the Hughes PCI Compliance Suite to help your business with PCI DSS. Hughes has everything to support your network.

As a leading managed services provider with over 30 years of experience, Hughes is a great partner for your business. Our experience servicing Fortune 500 brands, and many of their franchise operators, has prepared us for any challenge an SMB might face.

Let Hughes focus on your network and network security so you can focus on your business.