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Hughes 9203 BGAN Patrol Terminal

The compact, lightweight Hughes 9203 BGAN Patrol communications-on-the-move terminal enables dismounted soldiers to stay continuously connected to the situational awareness picture via the Battle Management System (BMS) for the first time. The BGAN Patrol terminal connects to the satellite network without need for user pointing or intervention and integrates with existing communication systems and batteries. Users no longer need to pause and deploy a static COTP terminal to communicate – reducing vulnerability on the field. BGAN Patrol provides beyond line of sight (BLOS) communications, extending line of sight (LOS) IP networks independently from any terrestrial networks. Users can connect at standard background IP of up to 100 kbps via ethernet or through the built-in multi-user Wi-Fi feature to support a group of local connections.

Back view of Soldier with Hughes 9203 BGAN Patrol Terminal


End user devices, such as Android Tactical devices, can be connected to the BGAN Patrol terminal to provide data to applications vital to gaining an operational advantage over adversaries in the field. Typical applications include:

  • Enablement of Battle Management System (BMS), such as TAK and SitaWare
  • Bridging of Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) and Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) radio networks
  • Blue Force Tracking (BFT) of allied forces on live maps
  • Laser range finder data to provide an exact distance to long range targets for snipers, artillery, and air support
  • Situational Awareness gathering and reception to maximize coordination
  • Calling for Casualty Medical Evacuation (MedEvac)


  • Rugged and durable IP65 rating
  • Comms-on-the-move (COTM)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Advanced integrated user interface (IUI)
  • Automatic Context Activation (ACA)
  • Extended L-band (XL-Band) enabled


  • Ethernet connection (RJ45)
  • 802.11b/g/n WLAN

Package Contents

  • BGAN Patrol Modem unit
  • BGAN Patrol External Antenna with TNC co-axial cable
  • Pole with mount for external antenna (2cm diameter for use with Molle straps)
  • AC-DC power supply with US, UK, and EU power cables
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Internal lithium-ion battery

Optional Accessories

  • Soft carry bag
  • Hard transit case
  • BB-55/2590 12V battery cable (1m)
  • AN/PRC-148/152/MBITR battery cable (1m)