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It’s Easy to Get Started and Impress Customers and Employees with Digital Signage


For too long, digital signage was limited to large companies with internal technology teams and logistics groups who could procure, install, and maintain the screens. But with the rise of SmartTV apps and cloud-based content management, the benefits of digital signage are now available to businesses large and small. And the new digital signage technology is point-and-click simple. All you need to do is purchase the screen through a provider (or online), mount the screen (pro-installer or DIY), and install the signage application using the remote control. It’s just that simple!

With the Hughes MediaSignage solution, your business can have a digital menu board, a digital promo board, or waiting room signage. Buy the SmartTV display, connect to the Internet, and install the signage app. After that, you can open your browser, log in to the content manager, and easily choose the layout and what you want to display. Hair salons, fitness centers and gyms, automotive service centers, and coffee shops are all seeing the advantages of a digital communication tool in their locations.

Whether you own one or many locations, you can work from a single, simple online tool that lets you see what’s playing, schedule new content, and plan for days, weeks, or months in advance.

Hughes’ content management functions entirely in the browser, so no app or additional software needs to be installed on your computer. You can manage the content from any place where you have an Internet connection. You can organize content to play based on location, time of day, day of the week, and more. You can set up start and stop dates for content, so you don’t have to work late on the weekend in order to prepare for the week. Templates are provided for layouts and for various forms of displayed content. It is as easy as digital scrapbooking and online photo albums. Choose the content you want and pick your schedule.

With our employee engagement experience, Hughes MediaSignage screens can do double duty and act as an employee video on demand training tool when no customers are present. Adding and organizing this content is as easy as point, click, and upload. The employee can take the remote control and, with the press of a button, be presented with a menu of content to explore. New employees can be onboarded, long-term employees can learn about new products and services, and site managers can lead group trainings—all with the consistency and uniformity of common video tutorials.

In our “contactless” world, customers are migrating to businesses that have the digital infrastructure to make their visit safer, more efficient, and more convenient. With digital signage, you can provide a quality customer experience by giving necessary information on screen at the point of decision or moment of need. You can provide an engaging touch by recognizing employees and their accomplishments on screen. Employees will engage, be more productive, and stay with you if you communicate, recognize, and develop them.

Digital signage is the key to these important business functions, and Hughes is a leader in the advancement of digital signage for businesses of all sizes. Join us and witness the awesome impact of digital signage on your business.

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