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MediaSignage - Providing Two Services With One Tool

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Hughes MediaSignage Overview:  Cloud-based, scalable, digital signage thumbnail

Hughes MediaSignage is a dynamic digital signage communication platform that helps you communicate with customers and with employees. With this one system, you can deliver product information and promotional material to your customers, while keeping your employees up to speed on company information, policy changes, corporate and local announcements, and anything else you'd like to share. 

The system is robust yet easy to use. You can make updates to all your screens or update only screens you select. You can permit local managers to post messages to screens in their specific locations or to screens throughout broader regions. This flexibility allows your organization to craft different messages for different audiences, making your communication strategies all the more effective.

MediaSignage is comprised of three main pieces: the screen, the player, and the management software. The screen can be pretty much any monitor or television set of your choice. The player is what drives the content to the screen. It also receives new content updates, and it can store content as well. Players range in size and in price, and recently, Hughes announced an app for smart screens.

The management software allows you to manage all content on all of your screens. The software is accessible from any web‑enabled device and allows you to schedule videos, images, and text-based content.

Hughes MediaSignage gives you the option to store large content files locally so that the content can be streamed repeatedly in these locations without having to be redelivered every time this media is viewed. This lightens the burden on your network, improves reliability, and allows content to play quickly and on demand.

Screen layouts can be customized and designed to fit your needs, and with the included Hughes default templates, your signage can be up and running in no time.