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Hughes Pioneers Self-Healing Capability that Improves Enterprise Wide Area Network Performance Using Artificial Intelligence


First-of-its-kind AIOps capability deployed across tens of thousands of WAN sites delivers 70% success in averting service disruptions

Germantown, MD, September 15, 2020Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), a leading provider of managed network services under its HughesON™ brand, announced today the commercial availability of its artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations (AIOps) solution for enterprise Wide Area Networks (WANs). Integrated into the company’s HughesON Managed Network Services, the Hughes AIOps feature is already in use across more than 32,000 managed sites. The technology automatically predicts and preempts—or “self-heals”—undesirable network behavior, preventing service-disrupting symptoms in 70% of cases. Hughes is the first managed services provider to deliver a self-healing WAN edge capability to enterprise customers.

“The Hughes AIOps innovation targets WAN edge systems, such as routers, SD-WAN devices and firewalls, because a failure in those systems can be catastrophic for a site and cost hours of network downtime,” said Dan Rasmussen, senior vice president, Hughes. “We estimate that the 70% success rate for autonomous correction across the sites under our management has saved approximately 1,750 hours of network downtime in the first seven months of use. In the other 30% of cases, the system provided early diagnoses of potential hardware failure or chronic site issues so they could be addressed preemptively.”

Driven by machine learning (ML) models that absorb and contextualize petabytes of proprietary network data, the Hughes AIOps capability detects deviations in key metrics against an evolving network baseline, gleaned from nearly a quarter million North American enterprise sites under the company’s management. The AIOps then assesses the risk-reward of potential corrective actions, autonomously takes appropriate measures, and tracks performance to ensure a return to steady-state parameters.

To deliver the network transformation desired by enterprises, Hughes continues to deploy cutting-edge AI and ML techniques throughout its service delivery. In addition to the self-healing application, outcomes of these innovations for the company’s enterprise customers include shortened triage time for help-desk incidents, proactive detection of site, vendor, and geographic network anomalies, and prescriptive corrective recommendations.

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