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Government Networks Use LEO Satellites To Connect Locations for Service Delivery

Government employees leveraging LEO satellites for Government IT network

Modernizing and securing US Government IT networks to reach every location—Low Earth Orbit satellite connectivity integrated into an SD-WAN multi-transport solution

U.S. government agencies know that their constituents expect prompt action on issues anywhere and anytime, especially during emergencies. To meet this expectation, agencies need a network that uses multiple transports, is highly reliable, and is secure. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites are an important new option for agency networking. Working with Hughes, agencies can utilize LEO satellite connectivity, integrating seamlessly with other transport capabilities into an agile, software-defined network, ensuring communications are secure and available for all users and applications, regardless of location or situation.

Expand Reliability, Reach, and Application Support

LEO satellites expand the broadband communications options for government networks, so they do not rely on a single transport path. This diversity increases the reliability of the network. LEO satellite communication supports remote locations that other communications do not serve. The coverage of remote areas, such as the North Pole, expands the network’s reach. LEO broadband supports latency-sensitive applications like videoconferencing, VPN access, or any activity requiring a low-latency internet connection. For government agencies responding to an emergency or operating in remote operations, LEO satellite communications ensure reliable communications. A public safety service, for example, can connect with constituents across remote regions even after a hurricane, tornado, or winter storm that has disrupted terrestrial network connections.

Hughes has proven the effectiveness of LEO in remote locations, having deployed the first broadband LEO network in the Arctic. Hughes is delivering connectivity to a remote outpost at 76.32’ North latitude. The outpost is beyond terrestrial connectivity and sits outside the footprint of geostationary satellites, which orbit the Earth above the Equator. The government team at this remote location now utilizes high-speed, low-latency broadband for the first time, letting them stay connected for missions and stay in touch with family and friends for much-needed morale, recreation, and welfare.

Managed, Resilient, and Global Enterprise Service

The Hughes LEO service provides broadband connectivity, enterprise reliability, and end-to-end managed service and support. Agency users do not need to address the connectivity or resolve service or equipment issues. The Hughes LEO service is 100% dedicated to enterprise services — you won’t be sharing best-effort capacity with consumer applications and users. That means guaranteed Service Level Agreements, 24/7 monitoring, and dedicated help desk support.

LEO satellite services can be integrated into a multi-transport service so that users have resilient, redundant connectivity, providing the communications that best suit their needs. LEO satellites also offer global coverage, reaching previously unserved areas. High-throughput geostationary (GEO) satellites can complement LEO satellite communications, offering higher speed, more bandwidth, and lower cost per bit over a large area. Imagine an airplane traveling across the ocean for an emergency response mission offshore. The aircraft operator will leverage LEO for coverage over the water or the poles, and then, when they land back at their command post, the aircraft and the operator will switch to GEO.

A multi-path network delivers resilience through software-defined, wide area networking (SD-WAN) that manages the communications network and switches between transport options without user engagement. This intelligent network management also ensures government flexibility to scale up or down depending on the mission and location, access cloud networking capabilities and new technologies as they become available, and have their network automatically configure and self-heal for better performance.

Federal government agencies deserve multiple secure communications options in one network for connectivity around the country and the world. Modernization means thinking about readiness for today, tomorrow, and the future.

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