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Five Ways to Use Digital Signage to Motivate Employees

Small business signage

According to a 2021 survey by Monster, 45% of employees reported feeling unfulfilled in their current jobs, while 30% reported feeling unmotivated. For the small business––especially those with limited resources and tight budgets––motivating the unmotivated can be a significant challenge. Employees who feel unfulfilled or underappreciated often experience low morale, which can lead to attrition as well as negatively impact the customer experience.

So, how can a small business motivate employees and overcome these challenges? One way is by strategically leveraging digital signage displays to promote a positive company culture, communicate important information and recognize employee achievements––hallmark strategies for improving motivation.

For small businesses, digital signage is also an affordable, flexible option. While a system can consist of several screens, you can just as easily disseminate powerful communications by way of a single SmartTV. Small 24” screens can be mounted in tight spaces like back offices, storage rooms, or break rooms. Or, they can be positioned near timeclocks or on counters next to the point of sale (POS) system. Plus, the screens you use to train and inspire employees can be the very same ones you use to engage customers.

Here are five ways to use digital signage to boost employee morale and motivation:

  1. Make it a game! Digital signage can display key performance metrics, such as sales figures or customer satisfaction scores. Creating leaderboards and using gamification strategies can foster friendly competition among staff, with top performers recognized instantly for all to see. This can motivate employees to work harder while adding some fun and excitement to the day.
  2. Foster team spirit. Digital signage can be used to promote company culture and build a sense of belonging by sharing photos or videos of team outings, company events, or social activities, like community service projects or birthday celebrations.
  3. Provide training and development opportunities. Digital signage can deliver training and development programs––like “How to” videos, as well as webinars, conferences or online courses––to help employees expand skills and improve their performance on the job.
  4. Acknowledge employee contributions. Businesses can use digital signage to recognize employee achievements, such as reaching a sales target or completing a project ahead of schedule, and honor those who are striving for success!
  5. Keep everyone in the know. People don’t like to feel left out. Digital signage can be used to share important updates and announcements with employees in real-time, so they are in the know about important product launches, upcoming events, or changes in company policy.

As an important and powerful tool, digital signage is often underutilized. When you effectively use screens to communicate important information, recognize employee achievements, and foster team spirit, you will find your employees are more engaged and motivated––all of which will benefit your small business.


Not sure where to begin when it comes to digital signage for your business? As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), Hughes can help you to imagine how Digital Signage Solutions can be deployed effectively at a single location or scaled as your small business grows into a multi-site enterprise ––with technology and screens integrated with your network.