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In a world where workers are increasingly mobile, MediaTraining is a VoD solution that enables organizations to engage 1000s of employees in a way that is natural to them.

Did you know 70% of companies will admit that they have a significant communication problem, which leads to poor engagement and turnover?

Access HD videos without clobbering your network.

Provide access for HD videos to thousands of employees, even simultaneously, without impacting your network. Available as a hosted or on-premise solution, MediaTraining can utilize local caching, which can store and serve up content locally, preserving your bandwidth for your critical business operations.   


Built with deskless workers in mind

MediaTraining leverages the power of video to make internal communication more effective. Easily deliver video through an easy-to-use interface and empower your front line associates and deskless workers.

Live video broadcasts.  On any device.  


MediaTraining enables your business to conduct live, video-based town hall and training sessions.  Viewable on both Hughes' MediaSignage solutions and MediaTraining platforms, from virtually any device on the network.