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9 Strategies for Boosting Revenue with Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards

In today’s fast-paced world, delivering unparalleled convenience to customers is at the top of the priority list for service-focused businesses. In particular, c-stores, retail petroleum sites, grocery stores and quick serve restaurants are looking for unique and innovative ways to enable a seamless and convenient experience. From showcasing “grab and go” lunch specials to providing customers with real-time "order up" status, digital menu boards have emerged as an ideal way to serve patrons quickly and conveniently. These dynamic displays not only streamline operations, but also offer a myriad of opportunities to boost revenue. Here are nine strategies to help you harness the power of digital screens and menu boards and drive revenue growth at your locations: 

  1. Dayparting and dynamic pricing: With digital menu boards, businesses can easily adjust menu item prices based on factors like demand, inventory, audience, time of day or season. This allows for dynamic pricing strategies, such as raising prices during peak hours or offering discounts during off-peak times, which can help maximize revenue opportunities. 
  2. Cross-selling: When customers make their order, digital menu boards can suggest complementary items based on their selections. For example, if a customer orders a burger, the menu board can recommend adding fries and a drink, increasing the overall order value. 
  3. Targeted advertising: One way to better engage customers is to target different content at different times of the day or week. Breakfast items can be promoted in the morning, while dinner specials are highlighted in the evening. Another option is to promote content that aligns with a local event. This targeted approach can boost sales during specific time periods. 
  4. Data collection and analysis: Software integrated with the digital signage system can collect data on customer preferences and order patterns. Businesses can use this data to refine their product and services offerings, pricing strategies and marketing efforts to better cater to their customers’ wants and maximize revenue. 
  5. Real-time updates: Businesses can quickly update their digital menu boards to reflect changes in inventory, menu items or pricing. This ensures that customers always see accurate and up-to-date information, reducing the likelihood of order errors and customer dissatisfaction. 
  6. Enhanced visual appeal: Digital menu boards allow restaurants, c-stores or grocery stores to use high-quality images and videos to showcase their offerings. This can make offerings look more appealing and appetizing, enticing customers to try new items or order more. 
  7. Seasonal and limited-time offers: Businesses can easily highlight seasonal specials or limited-time menu items on digital menu boards. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages customers to try these items before they disappear. 
  8. Improved customer experience: While customers are visiting your business, digital screens can enhance the overall experience by providing interactive features, live social media feeds, and product or service-related details. A better customer experience can lead to repeat business and positive reviews, ultimately driving loyalty and revenue growth. 
  9. Promotion and upselling: Eye-catching visuals and animations on digital screens highlighting special promotions, new menu items or upsell opportunities, like larger portions, add-ons, or combo meals, encourage customers to order and spend more. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of convenience-driven businesses, digital menu boards have proven to be more than just a tool for streamlining operations, they are also an opportunity for revenue growth. With the ability to adapt pricing on the fly, suggest enticing pairings, target promotions at the right moments and gather invaluable data on customer preferences, digital menu boards can be the key to enhancing your business's bottom line. Discover more about Hughes Digital Menu Boards technologies and solutions.