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How to Use Digital Menu Boards to Promote Your Menu of Services

Hair salon services

Digital Menu Boards make perfect sense for restaurants. But they’re not just for serving up food and drink items. They also make great marketing sense for any type of business that provides a variety of services to customers, such as:

  • Spas that specialize in facials, manicures, pedicures, chemical treatments, spray tan, massages and body treatments

  • Hair Salons that offer haircuts, blow dry, highlights, color treatments, deep conditioning and styling services

  • Automotive Shops that perform oil changes, brake repairs, tune-ups, tire rotations and safety inspections

  • Health Clubs that provide tennis, pickleball or golf lessons, babysitting services and personal training

These and many other types of small to medium-sized enterprises can benefit by having Digital Menu Boards placed in waiting and welcome areas or near the Point of Sale (POS) system to promote their offerings. Hughes cloud-based Digital Menu Boards offering is an advanced, wireless and LAN/WAN-enabled solution that can display a menu of services and prices, along with live and on-demand HD video, images, animations, data, text and social media feeds. Digital Menu Boards transform the common SmartTV into a smart marketing channel, supporting innovative, convenient and dynamic communications. Here’s how any business can benefit from Digital Menu Boards:

  • Tailor content to your customers―Schedule and deploy different service menus based on time of day, day of the week, time of year or seasonal trends. For example, a hair salon might promote makeup and styling services with special pricing during prom season. An automotive shop might highlight tire rotation and balancing services during peak pothole season.

  • Cross-sell and upsell your services―Maximize in-store promotional reach and influence your customers’ unplanned purchases by using multi-zone content layouts to display services, products and videos on the same screen. A health club might use the right side of the screen adjacent to golf lesson prices to showcase promotional videos featuring golf clothing and accessories that can be bought on-site.

  • Make content changes on the fly―Whether you have one location or several, you can distribute Digital Menu Boards content across your enterprise quickly and efficiently. While content can be scheduled in advance, you can also make changes in real-time and deploy messaging immediately to multiple locations. For example, a spa might run special half-priced promotions on unbooked services for on-site customers only.

  • Connect promotions with real-time inventory counts―If your business relies on product inventory and dynamic pricing, your menu boards can display up-to-the-minute details or changes from your Point-of-Sale (POS) system. When a specific brand of tire becomes unavailable across a region, the automotive shop can delete the item from the Digital Menu Board listing or place a digital “Out of Stock” sticker across the product name––and have the change quickly appear at every location, instantly.

As these examples demonstrate, Digital Menu Boards can support a variety of needs and serve as a meaningful communications channel for any business wanting to reach customers, deliver relevant, high impact content and expand their sales opportunities.

Not sure where to begin when it comes to Digital Menu Boards for your business? As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), Hughes can help you to imagine how Digital Signage Solutions, like menu boards, can be deployed effectively at a single location or across hundreds of sites nationwide––with technology and screens integrated with your network.

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