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Five Ways for Franchises to Use Digital Signage to Boost Sales and Profits

Digital menu board in coffee shop

I recently sat down with Jack Monson, Host of Social Geek Radio and the Franchise News Podcast to talk about a range of challenges facing franchises today, including how to better engage customers. What many businesses don’t realize is that they likely already have some great tools at their disposal―like digital signage—to help address some business challenges. Here are five tips I shared on how to maximize the use of digital signage to improve the customer experience while boosting sales and profits:

  1. Target your promotions – Digital signage is tailor made for targeted messaging. But you can also align messaging with products you want or need to sell based on inventory. For example, if you have large quantities of perishable items, promote a special half-price offer midday.
  2. Refresh content frequently – Consider rotating messages by time of day, work shift, customer demographics and seasonal offerings. People need fresh content to stay engaged!

  3. Encourage the mobile app experience – Create digital signage displays to persuade customers to download your mobile app. We see this being adopted by all sorts of franchisors, especially Quick Serve Restaurants.

  4. Incorporate social media feeds – Create a customer-centric, “share worthy” environment and share social media streams and customer posts on your signage. You can even stream posts from local schools, non-profits or businesses to foster a stronger sense of community.

  5. Shape expectations – Provide customers with real-time information, like “order up” status, to support more efficient operations and manage their expectations.

To hear more of our conversation, including why the phrase “I fry chicken” is a great reminder to always focus on how technology affects a franchise, listen to the full episode here.