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Hughes Launches Education Solutions for the K-16 School Market


Comprehensive Offerings of High-Speed Internet Service and Digital Media Solutions

Germantown, MD, July 21, 2015—Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES), the global leader in broadband satellite solutions and services, today announced the launch of a comprehensive suite of offerings to help meet the needs of the K-16 education market, including high-speed satellite Internet access, digital signage, distance learning and managed Wi-Fi solutions.

“Schools today—whether a kindergarten or high school classroom—are becoming increasingly dependent upon the Internet for success, but many students are being shut out of a first world education because some administrations don’t believe they can get affordable broadband,” said Tony Bardo, assistant vice president for Government Solutions at Hughes. “That ends today.  

Hughes Education Solutions are tailored to meet the needs of any school, regardless of size, budget or location and include a wealth of digital signage media solutions, besides high-speed satellite Internet and Wi-Fi. Best of all, as an E-rate-approved vendor, some of the offerings are eligible for government funding to help offset the financial commitment, making them affordable to even the most budget-strapped schools, districts, universities and libraries.”

Specific solutions include:

  • HughesNet® Gen4 Satellite Broadband – For rural and remote schools, districts, and libraries unserved by terrestrial broadband, HughesNet Gen4 satellite service delivers the high-speed Internet access they need to meet federally mandated online testing requirements. 
  • HughesON MediaSignage solutions – Using HughesON MediaSignage solutions, schools can mount screens throughout their campuses, customizing and positioning timely information for student, faculty, staff and visitor communications and training, as well as for instant emergency communications.
  • HughesON Distance Learning solutions – Schools, districts and universities can now provide online distance learning to students regardless of location, including HughesON MediaTraining, which delivers interactive, digital learning programs to virtual classrooms via a private network.
  • HughesON Managed Wi-Fi – This fully managed Wi-Fi solution enables schools, districts and universities to offer guest Wi-Fi to visitors, while ensuring the security of the school’s network.