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Leveraging Hughes Capabilities to Develop A Satellite Broadband Service

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A Large and Growing Addressable Market

By its original definition, surfing would remind us of beaches, sun and riding waves. Today, the word has a brand new meaning—and its association with accessing the many benefits of the Internet has far greater social and economic significance. Yet, it may be surprising to note that nearly 60% of the people in the world do not have access to the Internet. And even more surprising is that many of this huge population that is either unserved or underserved by terrestrial fiber, cable or DSL services live or work in ex-urban, not just difficult-to-serve rural areas, and can be found in developed and developing economies alike. For example, in the world’s largest economy, the US, this addressable market represents over 10% of residences—well over 14 million. Broadband operators worldwide looking to service these markets are now increasingly recognizing that satellite technology offers the most attractive and rapidly deployable alternative, competitive in performance and often more cost-effective than today’s conventional cable or DSL access.