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Three Core Tenets of Our “Go the Extra Mile” Customer Service

Sindhu Rajan, VP Enterprise Support

When the CEO of a multi-million-dollar enterprise (and a Hughes customer) takes the time to write a personal thank you email to the Customer Care team… and when Hughes support personnel are inducted into another customer’s Hall of Fame, we know we’ve made the right strides in applying our “Go the Extra Mile” Customer Service philosophy. In fact, at Hughes, it’s hard to remember when Customer Service meant simply handling a support ticket or fielding a phone call. Today, Hughes Enterprise Support Teams partner with customers and work to address their specific operational needs, so they in turn can deliver excellent service. Whether it’s Super Bowl Sunday, the day after Thanksgiving, or any day in between, we provide multi-channel support with real time engagement to meet the growing and dynamic demands of our customers’ networks.

Our “Go the Extra Mile” Customer Service philosophy is built on these core tenets:

  1. We build strong, collaborative partnerships—When a customer emails and says “I do not have a single issue for our meeting and my Customer Account manager stole my thunder by proactively addressing it” we know the partnership is working! It starts when we onboard a new customer and introduce them to their Hughes Customer Success team, which may include a Franchisee Customer Account Manager and Concierge level engagement. Our priority is to get to know the customer’s support personnel and to establish personal connections. We review open orders, schedule installs and confirm account Information. We want everyone on our team to understand the customer’s unique needs and to continually engage and build a strong collaborative partnership. Whether it involves setting up networks for pop-up stores to handle increased buyer demand or working with customers to proactively monitor high volume networks during special sales or Black Friday events, Hughes customers know they can count on us for individualized support around the clock.

  2. We’re proactive—During a customer’s rollout and installation, our team monitors every step of the process, making sure technicians are on site with everything they need. Since we track every onboarding activity, we’re able to detect and mitigate most problems the moment they arise. Once we transition to “Day 2 and beyond” support, we use our AIOps capabilities, which apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor network operations, proactively predicting network anomalies and often resolving them before they occur. Hughes uses AIOps to monitor our own networks as well. Whenever possible, we take a “zero touch” approach, fixing problems remotely for a seamless customer experience.

  3. We’re extreme communicators—We don’t have a “one model fits all” approach when it comes to communications and touch points with customers. Some businesses need extra support during the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, to ensure their store networks can handle higher shopping volumes. Others, like a national candy retailer, need extra support around Valentine’s Day. Still others want to explore new deployments, like pop-up shops and seasonal kiosks. For that reason, we tailor our communication touch points based on their needs. We may meet weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or daily. Plus, we stay in close touch with their Help Desk teams and our Customer Service counterparts.

As Hughes builds implementation plans focused on minimal disruption to customer operations through careful proactive planning, extreme communication and watchful execution, we also rely on the capabilities of our three Enterprise Support Centers (ESCs), which operate 24x7x365 at geographically dispersed locations (Phoenix, AZ, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Monterrey, Mexico) for redundancy. ESCs are staffed by 250 support professionals and deliver multilingual assistance.

Just how far do Hughes employees go to deliver exceptional customer care? One service manager took a special request call from Mile 23 of the Marine Corps Marathon! Others have hopped on the phone to trouble-shoot for a customer while at a Jujitsu competition and even from a remote village thousands of miles from the ESC. Embodying the spirit of “anytime, anywhere” availability, Hughes personnel handle customer interactions whenever and wherever they are needed. Collectively, our Extra Mile philosophy, ESCs and successful customer partnerships are yielding outstanding results.

Perhaps that CEO said it best when he wrote a personal email to recognize our efforts, saying the Hughes team provided “Gold Star service for our team… when we needed it. In the IT and service space, that’s not always the case. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers, and we know that it is a conscious and purposeful choice to do that―and to go over and above.”

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