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Hughes Internship Program Offers Ample Growth Opportunities

Hughes Interns

I look forward to the summer every year – and 2022 is no exception as it marked the return of interns to the Hughes Germantown, Maryland campus. I have had the pleasure of coordinating the software engineering intern program for the last six years and it is absolutely one of the highlights of my job as a VP of Software Engineering.

Although the interns are only physically in the office for a few months, behind the scenes the program is a year-round operation, with applications opening in early fall. We carefully screen resumes from applicants at top schools around the country, offering positions to a few dozen rising juniors and seniors each year. Summer 2022 brings us 15 software engineering interns from all over the country, including seven from the down the road at the University of Maryland, College Park. They are pursuing degrees in a variety of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, including computer engineering, data science, supply chain management, information science, mathematics and more. 

This program is so rewarding for both the interns and their mentors – I find that we often learn just as much from the interns as they do from us! Here are three reasons to choose an internship at Hughes:

  • Hands on, real-world experience. Interns are each assigned to a project team for their 10-week tenure, putting their skills learned in the classroom into practice. They are integrated into cross-functional teams working on mission critical projects that have a real impact on the business.

  • Professional AND personal growth. The program offers ample opportunities for networking with fellow interns, engaging with employees of all levels of the company, and learning the ropes of a professional office environment. It’s not all hard work though – we hold a variety of social activities throughout the summer as well! At the end of the summer, each intern presents their work to the group, offering the chance to hone their presentation skills and showcase their accomplishments.

  • STEM innovation in action. Here at Hughes, we are committed to investing in the next generation of engineering leaders – whether that’s through our long-time support of 4-H and the Youth in Action STEM Pillar Award, participating in National Engineers Week, or welcoming interns every summer. Our mission to deliver essential connectivity to families, communities, businesses and governments around the world is powered by technological and engineering excellence, and we’re always looking for the best and the brightest minds to join our team.

This year’s cohort of interns are tackling diverse projects ranging from building interactive dashboards to detect anomalies; creating a visual display to track connected devices; developing test automation modules and more. After many years at Hughes, I’m always in awe of the passion, curiosity and technical skills these bright young individuals bring to the table.