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Digital Signage Insights from the Hughes MediaSignage Users Group

Hughes MediaSignage User Group online meeting

Every month, members of the Hughes MediaSignage User Group (MUG) gather virtually to discuss the latest breakthroughs and developments in digital signage technology. A subset of the Hughes User Group (HUG), MUG members benefit from sharing best practices, solving challenges and exploring the latest updates to Hughes MediaSignage technology. 

Last month, Tom Seeker, CIO of Earl Enterprises and a veteran in the restaurant tech industry, led us in an engaging discussion about the evolution and multifunctionality of digital signage as a communication device. 

The Evolution of Digital Devices – More Than Just Screens 

Tom initiated the conversation by shedding light on the dynamic nature of digital devices. He emphasized that the devices we engage with daily, ranging from phones and tablets to large jumbotrons, are not merely screens displaying content. Instead, they are powerful computers that can revolutionize business operations and communication practices with the ability to connect to the internet, access vast data lakes and employ business intelligence tools. 

By treating these devices as multifaceted tools, rather than static display devices, businesses can strategically deploy them to enhance customer engagement, streamline processes and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape. 

Building Brand Loyalty & Customer Relationships 

No matter what business you are in, understanding the customer, delivering exceptional experiences and fostering long-lasting relationships should be at the top of your priority list. Tom highlighted the significance of repeat business, effective advertising and creating a brand that resonates with people and builds loyalty. 

Exploring the Art of Possibility – Multifunctionality and Innovation 

One of the concepts introduced by Tom was the "art of possibility," referring to the endless opportunities and innovations that can be realized by exploring the multifunctionality of digital devices. Single-use technology is a thing of the past—we should all be embracing devices, like digital signage, that can perform a diverse set of tasks. Tom also emphasized the need for a robust IT department to ensure data security and mitigate the risks associated with technological advancements. By balancing innovation with security, businesses can leverage technology to its fullest potential, while maintaining customer trust and integrity. 

Technology Acceptance and Resistance 

Consumer behavior is a constantly evolving science – Tom urged businesses not to abandon technology that may not have been successful initially, citing the resurgence of QR codes and the recent widespread acceptance of touch screens in retail environments as prime examples. With the increasing standardization of touch technology in retail and other sectors, Tom encouraged businesses to revisit and reimplement technologies that hold potential for enhancing customer experiences. 

He shared anecdotes about the gradual acceptance of technology among different age groups, illustrating that the willingness to embrace new technology is not limited to the younger generation. Tom shared personal stories about his parents’ initial reluctance and eventual embrace of new technology, painting a vivid picture of the gradual shift in mindset and acceptance of technological advancements. 

Businesses can encourage adoption by demonstrating the tangible benefits of the technology to customers. For example, customers can scan a QR code at a restaurant to be rewarded with extra loyalty points or skip the long line at the cashier to order directly on a touch screen kiosk. 

Fostering Collaboration and Shaping the Future Vision of Digital Signage 

Tom’s passion and enthusiasm for technology were palpable throughout the meeting, leaving the audience inspired and motivated about the future of digital signage. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing to drive innovation, enhance user experiences, and contribute to the advancement of digital signage and communication. 

He urged individuals to be proactive in communicating their needs and expectations to vendors like Hughes in order to shape the development of technology that aligns with their business goals. 

The MUG meeting is an ideal platform for in-depth discussions, real-world insights and feedback, and inspiration surrounding the world of digital signage. With Tom’s extensive technology background and firsthand experience implementing digital signage at TooJay’s restaurants, one of Earl Enterprises brands, he provided a unique perspective on the transformative power of digital devices and the boundless opportunities they present. 

Join the Conversation and Push the Boundaries of Digital Innovation 

We invite you to join the conversation, share your insights and collaborate with like-minded individuals to continue pushing the boundaries of digital innovation. Stay engaged with the latest discussions, breakthroughs, and developments in digital signage technology. Email me directly at [email protected] to join the Hughes MediaSignage User Group today.