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HT1200 JUPITER™ System Router Ka-/Ku-Band

Resource Type

High-Performance Satellite System Router

The Hughes HT1200 is the next-generation, high-performance satellite terminal optimized for multi-spot beam, high-throughput satellite systems and well suited for conventional satellite applications. The HT1200 features best-in-class throughput performance, delivering more than 100 Mbps of forward channel throughput and capable of supporting bandwidth-intensive, simultaneous multimedia applications.

The HT1200 features an integrated Web acceleration client that provides HTTP prefetch (Web objects are locally cached), DNS caching, header and payload compression to enable a faster, more responsive user experience.

High Efficiency and Availability

Using a wideband forward channel, including Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), the HT1200 adaptively changes modulation and transmission characteristics to achieve the highest possible throughput and service availability under all channel conditions.

In the return channel, the HT1200 employs advanced, low- density parity coding (LDPC) in conjunction with Adaptive Inroute Selection (AIS), where the FEC rate is adaptively set on a burst- by-burst basis based on the real-time satellite link conditions. Additionally, the HT1200 uses variable-sized FEC code block and burst sizes to allocate bandwidth tailored to the size of the user data packets to be transmitted, providing up to a 20 percent improvement in bandwidth efficiency over competing systems.

Ease of Operation

As part of the next-generation JUPITER System, each HT1200 operates under a comprehensive Network Management System (NMS) to facilitate terminal configuration, service provisioning, status monitoring, and network diagnostics. Additionally, the terminal incorporates an easy-to-use embedded Web Graphics User Interface (GUI) that provides a local interface for installation, status monitoring, troubleshooting, and diagnostics.

The HT1200 is designed for quick and error-free installations with a simple and automated commissioning process.