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BurgerFi Deploys Hughes Digital Signage and HughesON Managed Services for Better Promotions and a Stronger Omni-Channel Experience

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"With Hughes, we have a partner to guide our adoption of technology and improve the way we deploy solutions, like our digital signage, so we can maximize their impact on the customer experience and our operations. Now that our team has an easy-to-use content management system for the signage program, we’ve been able to build consistency across our locations while freeing up corporate and local resources to focus on other operational priorities.

Karl Goodhew, Chief Technology Officer at BurgerFi

Established in 2011, BurgerFi ranks among the nation’s fastest-growing better burger concepts, with 122 BurgerFi locations, including 97 franchised and 25 corporate-owned restaurants, in addition to 24 ghost kitchens.


BurgerFi locations across the company utilize digital menu boards and marketing boards for product pricing, promotions, and special offers. The challenge was in deploying pricing, product information, and updates systemwide because each store managed its own displays; the screens were not networked together within or across locations.

As a result, many screens displayed outdated and inaccurate content, with some signs showing stale images for months at a time. What’s more, because different vendors had installed screens in different stores, regular maintenance and emergency repairs were difficult to coordinate and schedule.

BurgerFi sought a uniform, systemwide solution to schedule, display, and manage digital menu content; support dynamic pricing changes and promotional offers; and integrate digital applications in their network for a better customer experience.

Hughes Solution

To meet these needs, BurgerFi selected Hughes Digital Signage. Featuring a Cloud-based Content Management System (CMS), the solution gives the BurgerFi headquarters team anytime/anywhere access to all the digital menu boards and marketing boards across the company’s 122 locations.

Hughes connected each site’s mix of screens to the CMS, enabling the potential for branded content to be scheduled by time of day, audience and promotion. Signage can target burger-loving workers midday and milkshake-drinking teens in the afternoon. Screens now display dynamic content, including videos, social media feeds, and media rich animations – all pushed out to select screens and locations within the system; for instance, by region, by state, or franchise-wide.

Individual stores also can customize corporate-approved content to their local community by integrating social media channels and hashtags. Onsite diners at the BurgerFi location in downtown Washington DC, for example, use the local hashtag #BurgerFiDupont to have their posts featured on the live feed, real-time.

Enhancing the value of the signage system for BurgerFi, Hughes integrated the program with Olo, an online restaurant ordering and delivery platform that powers BurgerFi’s online ordering, ghost kitchens, and delivery programs. Olo disseminates the brand’s daily pricing. Now, when pricing adjusts within Olo, the changes update automatically across all menu boards in the system.

Previously, menu board and marketing board content was updated monthly by restaurant managers or staff using a USB stick. Now, BurgerFi’s corporate marketing team can update content as frequently as desired across all locations to better engage customers and support product promotions.

Hughes Technology

The Hughes Digital Signage solution for BurgerFi includes:

  • New screens with integrated signage players at many locations and new signage players on existing screens in other locations – for a unified player platform across all sites.
  • CMS access for BurgerFi team members, including local access for each restaurant.
  • Network management, spanning installation, proactive monitoring and fast remediation – both automated via the Hughes artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) capability and on-location, when needed, with field service personnel.
  • Access to the Hughes portal, 24/7 support, and a nationwide team of field technicians.

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