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Campus Communication is More Important Than Ever


Students, more than any other demographic, share what they see and hear. They are active consumers and producers of social media content, making it important to provide them with timely and accurate information to prevent confusion and the spread of misinformation. With students returning to classes over the coming weeks, schools need the ability to communicate quickly and effectively across entire campuses. Keeping the student body engaged and maintaining their school spirit is also crucial for a great student life experience.


HughesON™ CampusVision is a solution specifically designed to maintain the needs of academia. Universities, colleges, and high schools can all take advantage of the flexibility and high-quality SmartTV screens available in this service package. Built on the Hughes MediaSignage™ platform, CampusVision is a proven service from a stable and trusted company.

CampusVision’s digital signage is a great way to provide this dynamic information to students, displaying real-time information and video updates from key members of campus leadership. This delivery of authoritative and accurate information will help avoid confusion and make sure that the correct information is available for students to share.

Today’s students and faculty are comfortable with visual communication; the rise of video within social media channels has conditioned them to be drawn to the simplicity of messages based on visuals. With the strong visual appeal of a high-quality digital signage display, you can also build excitement and school spirit with promotional videos and images, such as showcasing highlights about the school, campus events, and student profiles.

Integration with social media channels can help too. Giving students the chance to provide input and share their ideas and questions across the campus will build morale, strengthen confidence, and help the students feel like they’re part of the community. This has already been demonstrated in businesses with employee‑fed social media streams showing up on employee‑facing signage.

Because educational institutions have a variety of information to disseminate, it is critical to have a dynamic, flexible system that can schedule and deliver the right content to the right screen at the right time. For example, campus‑wide information could be pushed to every display, and updates about safety in the library could be distributed only to certain screens around that area or building.

With a cloud-based content management service, the people responsible for managing school information can work anywhere with an Internet connection. Using Wi-Fi-enabled SmartTV displays, schools can deploy new messages on screens wherever and whenever there is a need to communicate.

In a world of changing information and constant updates, accessible communication is more important than ever. Visit our CampusVision page to learn more about how Hughes can meet your student and faculty communication needs!