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Enhancing Campus Communication with Digital Signage

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Information Everywhere!

Elevate Your Campus Communications with HughesON™ Digital Signage


campus vision display

You’ll find a screen in the hands of nearly every college student today. They rely on their mobile device to access every piece of information (and entertainment) they read, watch, and consume. Whether it’s having access to campus announcements or sporting events or social media or even ordering food, screens are an essential conduit to all of their activities.

Consequently, colleges of all shapes and sizes have discovered digital signage as an equally powerful communications channel to pair with mobile devices–offering a dynamic way to engage students and deliver critical information campus-wide.

For colleges and universities, digital signage has become the cornerstone of their ability to communicate to students, faculty, and staff.

“Before we partnered with Hughes, we had a mixture of paper-based announcements and text messages,” said a Director of Campus Communications. “And we even had a few digital signs showing simple PowerPoint slides. But, we learned that our messages fell flat because they were too static. Students would often complain that they missed events and announcements because they failed to see the messages.”

When students miss messages, regardless of the reasons why, it can cause frustration. This is especially true because their expectation is that information is readily available wherever they are.

“With Hughes CampusVision, we have an easy-to-use, dynamic, Cloud-based, digital messaging solution. Campus-wide announcements, social media updates, sports-related announcements hit the intended audience all at the right time. From administration buildings to athletic facilities to dorms, we can ensure students see what they need to see quickly, easily, and conveniently.”

During emergencies, CampusVision is also ideal for sending out critical updates or urgent alerts to students. This may include details on emergency lockdown and evacuation orders, or reminders for everyone to wear masks and practice socially distancing.

With CampusVision, your college campus can elevate your communications game in a way that will match your students’ thirst for information everywhere.