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Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season started on June 1 and will run until Nov. 30. In the Eastern Pacific Ocean, hurricane season began May 15 and ends Nov. 30, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). However, according to the NWS Climate Prediction Center, storms will reach peak activity (categorical strength and frequency) between August and October. The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has obviously been very active already. In August, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas and disrupted at least 17 Texas-area emergency call centers and 320 cellular sites, and led to outages fo...READ MORE
How do you train 10,000 new employees on 100,000 new products? We are now in the most scrutinized period of retail each year. The “holiday season” is upon us. Just a few years ago this period didn’t start until “Black Friday” but in today’s world it starts the minute you put away the spider webs and pumpkins of Halloween. And for retail HR and training teams it actually starts as early as September. This is when they start hiring the extra staff to handle the holiday business rush. Large retailers (those with more than 100,000 employees) will surge as much as 40-50% in the hourly associates th...READ MORE
The concept is unchanged – but its value is enormous in today’s distributed organization. Blended Learning has some very wide interpretations. Some will say that it is a mixture of brick and mortar classroom with online content. Others will say that it is a brick and mortar classroom that also includes computer lab time in the classroom. Still others will claim that it is any instruction that includes the use of online media and web technologies to instruct. I most closely align with the first group – except that I count virtual, distance learning classrooms as part of the classroom portion of...READ MORE
Consumers want a good experience and they will reward it with their loyalty We have all experienced it in our own lives. We are naturally drawn to pleasant experiences. When someone you trust tells you about a positive experience they had in a particular location, you are anxious to experience it yourself. How many times have you heard this, “it was the most incredible food I ever put in my mouth” After which you are anxious to visit the place being described and experience the food for yourself. The converse is also very true. On average it only takes 2.3 negative experiences to lose a consum...READ MORE