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Hughes Launches Network Detection and Response (NDR) Service for Proactive Cyber Control

Network detection of cybersecurity threat

Cyber criminals don’t take vacation days––they are relentless in their pursuits to infiltrate your network. And that means your cybersecurity tools must be equally persistent to stay ahead of threats, thwart attacks and protect your enterprise network. In that vein, we are excited to introduce Hughes Network Detection and Response (NDR), a cutting-edge, proactive cybersecurity control service that uses sampling-based protocols to infer 100% network visibility from 1% network traffic to help eliminate blind spots across all devices, for any network size and architecture, including IoT and OT equipment. 

Hughes NDR applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to analyze network patterns and predict attacks, threats, anomalies and malicious activities in real-time, before they have an opportunity to slip past firewalls, penetrate the network and wreak havoc. 

Moreover, Hughes NDR achieves all of this without requiring any installation of appliances, probes, or sensors and without any software updates on network devices. The solution analyzes less than 1% of network traffic meta-data, without looking into any private or sensitive data, making it an efficient, agentless, applianceless and extremely non-intrusive solution that places minimal demand on network resources. And unlike other services, Hughes NDR boasts quick set-up––ensuring immediate protection of your network in just minutes. 

NDR Secures All Types of IoT Devices

Hughes NDR can be particularly beneficial for certain industries, like healthcare and manufacturing, where networked IoT devices may lack screens and be incompatible with MS Windows (which is often required to run other cybersecurity solutions). In manufacturing, for example, industrial robots play a pivotal role in automation, performing tasks with precision and efficiency. These robots are often connected to the network for real-time monitoring, updates and coordination with other equipment and machinery. However, many robots are designed without screens and do not run on Windows-based systems, so cyber protection efforts can prove challenging. 

In healthcare, infusion pumps are fundamental for delivering precise medication doses to patients. These devices typically operate autonomously, connecting to the hospital's network to receive updates, transmit data and ensure accurate drug administration. Like manufacturing robots, many infusion pumps lack screens and run on specialized firmware, making them difficult to secure, which creates network vulnerabilities and increases the risk of a network breach. Hughes NDR solves these issues by protecting all types of IoT devices on a network. 

The Benefits of Hughes as an MSSP 

By choosing Hughes NDR, enterprises can rely on a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) with decades of experience managing networks and a comprehensive cybersecurity offering tailored to businesses of all sizes and industries. By consolidating services under Hughes, as a single MSSP, businesses can avoid having to coordinate efforts between multiple vendors. It also ensures that good cybersecurity hygiene and best practices are applied consistently across the entire network. Plus, with Hughes as a partner, an enterprise’s IT team will have an easier time managing alerts and threats. That’s because the Hughes Security Operations Team (SOC) sends a notification immediately when a threat is detected. The SOC team also quarantines the threat, ensuring that it doesn’t spread throughout a customer’s network and giving them time to remediate the issue. 

With Hughes NDR, enterprises can fortify their networks against relentless cyber adversaries, ensuring comprehensive protection and swift response to potential threats, all while benefiting from the expertise Hughes delivers as a trusted MSSP partner. 

Ready to learn more about Hughes NDR and how it can be deployed to defend your enterprise and all its devices? Contact us to learn more about Hughes Managed Cybersecurity Services.