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Video for Business

Video is the right tool for workforce communication, knowledge, and learning. Today’s workforce expects ‘watch their way to knowledge.’

Video is a widely accepted method for communicating information to a target audience. The availability of rich media on the Internet is changing employees’ expectations on delivering information to them. The Hughes Corporate DVR (models HS3700 and HS3700VM) enables the simple, secure, and reliable delivery of rich media content for employee training and corporate communications. The Hughes Corporate DVR can store more than 400 hours of high-definition video content and deliver live video to the screen while serving on-demand content to multiple connected users simultaneously. The Hughes Corporate DVR is the way to provide content to the distributed edge.


  • Provides users with access to on-demand or live content anytime and anywhere
  • Access to content from an easy-to-use program guide and Web interface
  • Enables the multicast distribution of data to geographically dispersed locations
  • Edge appliance that allows live and time-shifted viewing of corporate content
  • Easy to install and configure

Features and Formats:

  • Support for subtitle and alternate audio tracks
  • Supports MPEG-4 h.264 videos up to 1080p
  • Supported image formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG
  • Storage capacity for hundreds of hours of HD video
  • Support for multicast video streaming playback
  • Content distribution client included
  • Browser-based configuration and management
  • SNMP for enterprise management
  • Robust EPG with support for site-specific viewing authorizations
  • On-the-fly conversion of live multicast video to HLS stream for desktop and/or mobile device playback

Communicate and Grow Your Business

There is a strong link between employee engagement and business performance. Engagement is the emotional commitment that an employee feels toward the enterprise. Engaged employees are more productive, deliver better customer service, and generally go the “extra mile” to help grow the business. Employee engagement is developed through direct, regular, and open communication with senior leadership. 

Solutions based on the Hughes Corporate DVR open the door to improved communications and allow your organization to deliver live and time-shifted video communications to the distributed edges of your network. The Hughes Corporate DVR gives users the option to view content when, where, and on the device they want.