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Hughes Jumps to 45th Spot on Top 250 MSSP List

Managed Security Services Provider

For the third consecutive year, Hughes was named as a Top 250 MSSP by MSSP Alert, which recently released its annual list of the world’s top Managed Security Services Providers (MSSP). Hughes jumped 100 spaces to the 45th ranked spot on this year’s list, which is based on MSSP Alert’s 2023 survey, combined with the digital media site’s global editorial coverage of MSSPs. MSSP Alert tracks cybersecurity market opportunities, challenges and strategies. 

The Top 250 MSSPs report details the types of cybersecurity incidents mitigated by MSSPs like Hughes for customers in 2023: 

  • 95% of attacks were due to phishing 
  • 86% involved ransomware 
  • 68% were caused by a compliance violation 

So, why are phishing attacks so popular? Because they’re easy. And effective. It’s far easier for hackers to send 5,000 emails attempting to convince someone to click on a link or share their password, than it is to install an infected USB drive on a server or write malicious code to penetrate a network. The best practice for preventing phishing attacks is employee training. Staff members at all levels, including C-suite executives, need to learn how to not fall prey to email scams. 

Why Having an MSSP in Your Corner is Critical 

MSSP Alert top 250 award

While not all of the reported phishing attacks were successful, just one successful attack is enough to cause serious damage. That’s wh

en having an MSSP as a partner really matters. If hackers manage to breach a network, an MSSP’s technologies and skilled experts can limit what hackers can access and the harm they cause. For example, if the MSSP deployed a Managed Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution with Zero Trust architecture to protect the network, every network access request will require authentication and validation. The Zero Trust model is not just a perimeter defense, it assumes that no user or device can be trusted, which helps to confine malware or ransomware and mitigate potential damage from unauthorized breaches. 

Big problems occur when hackers gain access to the network and go undetected. With enough time to move around the system, they can steal data, get domain access controls and shut the entire network down. That’s the nightmare scenario. Yet if you’re able to detect their presence in the moment, you can curtail their ability to wreak havoc. For that reason, MSSPs rely on Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities, which automatically detect incidents so an immediate response can be launched. 

By choosing a cybersecurity provider from the Top 250 MSSP List (especially one that’s landed in the top 50!), you can deploy cyber defenses from an industry leader that will identify risks, detect breaches, respond effectively and protect your business.