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Supplier Web Portal

Supplier Web Portal

The Hughes® Supplier Web Portal consists of two basic sections:

1. Supplier Reschedule Report – communicates to our supply base our production schedule changes and allows our supply base to respond to those change requests.

2. Web-Based EDI – This section allows Hughes to conduct business via EDI with suppliers who are not traditionally EDI-enabled. Hughes suppliers need only an Internet connection and a Web browser to use the tool. Behind the scenes, the tool facilitates the transmission of the following EDI transactions:

  • 850 – Purchase Order
  • 855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgement
  • 860 – Purchase Order Change
  • 865 – Purchase Order Change Acknowledgement
  • 856 – Advanced Shipment Notification
  • 810 – Invoice

If you are currently a supplier to HNS and do not have access to our Supplier Web Portal, please contact your Hughes Buyer for further information.

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