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Smart Network Edge

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The Hughes Smart Network Edge (SNE) is a virtualized SD-WAN router built on a modular and extensible management/control microservice architecture and a FIPS certified state-of-the-art routing and security engine. The SNE SD-WAN router supports multiple transport types (wireline, GEO, MEO, LEO satellite, 4G/5G, and Fiber), can actively monitor the transports, performs policy-based traffic routing, and has a next-generation firewall and a local user interface for transport situational awareness. The management/control plane decision engine enables execution of PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency) plans with or without an operator (automatic) or central orchestrator (disconnected), and therefore can operate in a congested and contested environment. Figure 1 shows the SNE interfaces and connections, and Figure 2 is a sample of network connectivity topologies, enabled by the SNE.


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