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Hughes Launches Fully Managed SD-WAN Solution for Distributed Organizations


Delivered as an Easy-to-Deploy, Fully-Managed Network Service for retail, restaurant, financial services and government sectors

Germantown, Md.—Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes), a leading Managed Services Provider of network solutions, today introduced the Hughes Managed SD-WAN, delivered as an end-to-end turnkey network. Hughes Managed SD-WAN joins the comprehensive range of HughesON™ networking services for highly distributed organizations, such as those in the retail, restaurant, financial services and government sectors.

“Digitization is a vital transformation for companies, but digitization requires the network to transform as well,” notes Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst with ZK Research. “SD-WAN is the right, next generation solution for today's businesses seeking greater agility, richer customer experience and improved operational efficiencies. However, distributed organizations face unique deployment challenges that a managed service can help overcome to realize the full potential of an SD-WAN.”

The Hughes Managed SD-WAN helps to overcome these challenges with significant benefits compared to traditional private networks, including cloud readiness, high performance, higher network and application availability, network flexibility and cost savings. It leverages innovative Hughes ActiveTechnologies™ to transform ordinary broadband connections into enterprise-grade high performance WANs, including support for demanding applications such as VoIP and video. These include:

  • ActivePath™, which incorporates powerful algorithms and techniques that exploit the use of multiple branch paths. It ensures applications are delivered without interruption across the secure WAN regardless of degradation on a single path.
  • ActiveQoS™, which continuously measures end-to-end capacity on broadband links, dynamically updating multi-level path priority queues and traffic shapers to best maximize branch bandwidth usage. This results in dramatically improved performance for VoIP and video traffic across all outlets, especially those served by lower bandwidth service plans.
  • ActiveClassifier™, which automatically and dynamically classifies traffic based on flow behavior, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually configuring and maintaining rules to classify and prioritize specific applications required by other SD-WAN products. This optimization is particularly critical for real-time and cloud-based applications allowing this traffic to be prioritized over non-time sensitive data.
  • ActiveCompression™, which reduces network congestion and improves application performance, especially at bandwidth-constrained branch sites.

As part of the solution, Hughes integrates and manages cost effective nationwide broadband access, including cable, fiber, cellular and high-throughput satellite transports in flexible configurations.

“With organizations continuing to adopt new cloud-based and rich media applications, networks are facing more traffic and stress than ever before,” said Mike Cook, senior vice president, North American Division at Hughes. “The Hughes Managed SD-WAN delivers a unique solution that combines innovative broadband optimization technologies with the benefits of integrated service management, addressing the challenges for organizations with numerous far flung operating locations. As a leading provider of managed network services in North America, Hughes has the proven success and innovative technologies to offer customers a fully managed network service that optimizes performance and resolves bandwidth, availability and cloud access challenges.”

The Hughes Managed SD-WAN incorporates advanced best-in-class on premise and network based security capabilities. Security services are managed through Hughes Security Operations Center (SOC), staffed by experienced security professionals armed with state-of-the-art security tools.

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