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Network Detection And Response— Finding Hidden Threats

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Networks form the cornerstone in today’s interconnected world, making them a primary focus for cyber attackers seeking to disrupt business operations.

Cyberattacks are growing, not just in number, but also in sophistication. This, coupled with evolving IT landscapes and a continuous rise in network activity, can create conditions where threat actors remain unnoticed. 

In today’s digital environment, every company—regardless of its size—is susceptible to being the target of an attack, jeopardizing its operations, brand, reputation and revenue streams— which are all potentially at risk of a breach. 

A survey by Statista revealed that over 45% of IT security professionals claim that one to five successful cyberattacks against their organization’s global network happened within the past 12 months. Nearly 12% experienced more than ten successful cyberattacks. 

The goal of a cyberattack is often to breach the corporate network perimeter and infiltrate internal systems in an attempt to gain unauthorized access. Once inside, attackers steal, modify or delete data, compromise endpoints and spread malware, viruses, Trojan horses and other elements in an attempt to control the network and protocols, as well as exploit vulnerabilities within the network. 

The resulting harm to both a company and its customers can be swift and substantial. The speed with which an organization responds is crucial, and yet most small and mid-sized companies aren’t equipped to handle such incidents. The financial and business consequences can be insurmountable. No organization is 100% secure.


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