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Interactive Distance Learning (IDL) Provides Classroom Like Experience

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Delivering Live Interactive Video for the Best Learning Experience Possible thumbnail

When it comes to training and instruction, the classroom is the best environment for educating. Giving the learners the chance to watch the instructor live and to interact with the presenter creates the best possible learning environment. Distributed organizations have a significant communication challenge. They have hundreds of locations, and delivering classroom style training to hundreds of locations presents numerous challenges.

You could hire a department full of great presenters who travel around the organization, giving the training and instruction to employees at each site, but you become limited in the number of trainings you can offer based on travel budgets and time needed to reach hundreds of locations. None of these people will be true subject matter experts. They will be expert trainers, expert presenters.

Another concern is consistency. If you have multiple people delivering the message, then there is the likelihood that each person will have their own style, and each time they deliver the instruction, they may focus on slightly different components of the learning message.

The solution is a virtual classroom where the instructor is presenting from the corporate office and the session is broadcast to the remote locations. Interactivity is accomplished through voice communication, and the students all hear the same message at the same time from the same subject matter expert. With the Hughes solution, you have the ability to create your own corporate TV channel and broadcast live training and learning to your entire organization simply and effectively.

Come join us and see how our communication solutions will revolutionize the way your organization communicates.