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Growing C-store Chain Relies on Hughesnet Internet Continuity to Keep Registers Ringing During Internet Outages

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Hughes Customer

A large and rapidly growing convenience store chain owns a strong reputation as a family-friendly destination stop for food, gas and more at all times of day and night. The company operates dozens of sites, each serving hundreds of customers at any given time and generating tens of thousands of dollars in revenue per day.


Store operations depend on reliable, 24/7 internet service. Any network interruption can affect revenue and customer loyalty. The owners need an ‘always-on’ backup service that:

  • Keeps the store running and ensures customer-facing services are always available, protecting the customer experience in the event of primary fiber service interruption
  • Maintains connection of critical revenue-generating services
  • Automatically switches on and off without the need for human monitoring or intervention
  • Is available everywhere as the chain adds stores to its portfolio

Hughes Solution

Hughesnet Internet Continuity protects the C-store’s business and eliminates costly downtime. Management considers Hughesnet Internet Continuity so critical to their continued success, that they build it into each new store opening.

The convenience store owners choose Hughesnet® Internet Continuity to ensure that revenue- generating operations are protected from costly network outages. This affordable connectivity backup service seamlessly delivers satellite broadband Internet connectivity when primary fiber and secondary 4G options fail.

Hughesnet Internet Continuity:

  • Detects service interruption and turns on backup service automatically
  • Keeps customer facing operations working to protect revenue streams
  • Provides always-on and available connectivity via satellite, unlike 4G that can be spotty from store to store
  • Offers affordable monthly rates
  • Provides coverage everywhere the chain operates

The convenience store owners and management team can focus on their primary business responsibilities, knowing that they will never have to close due to an internet outage caused by bad weather or man-made issues. Satellite backup service keeps the business open, revenue flowing and customers satisfied.

Hughes Technology

Hughesnet Internet Continuity helps maintain operations and communication channels during unexpected outages. When fiber is interrupted and secondary backups such as 4G are not capable of meeting business demands, the stores’ router automatically switches connectivity from terrestrial to satellite service that:

  • Provides a diverse path when terrestrial options are interrupted or unreliable
  • Delivers a connection to even the most remote locations
  • Offers affordable monthly service plans and the ability to add additional data as needed during times of extended outages or heavy demand
  • When primary service is restored, service automatically switches back—without the need for specially trained operators to oversee the process

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