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A Practical AI Application for Enterprise Broadband Planning and Network Expansion

Enterprise network tool

It seems you can hardly look at the news today without reading or hearing about another story of Artificial Intelligence (AI) entering into our daily lives. At Hughes, we’re putting AI to work every day – our Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps) capability ensures optimal network performance. In addition to the ability to self-heal undesirable network behavior, we’ve expanded our AIOps applications into recommending the best broadband solutions for individual enterprise locations.  

When distributed enterprises plan for growth with additional branches or stores, they also must plan for growth of their networks to include those new sites. Each planned site will likely have multiple available transport options. Determining available broadband speeds, performance, and pricing in each local market can be a tedious and mostly manual process. Multiply the effort by the number of new locations, and the task can be arduous.  

Identify Broadband Availability

To streamline the broadband identification process, Hughes engineers took advantage of the massive amount of data we have collected over the years and across tens of thousands of geographic markets, to develop an AI-driven algorithm to identify broadband availability at potential enterprise sites nationwide.

As the largest non-carrier provider of enterprise connectivity in North America, with more than 450 carrier partners of all types, Hughes has a wealth of data to mine from thousands of service deployments. This dataset spans fiber, cable, DSL, MPLS, wireless and satellite broadband providers with performance metrics at a scale of 4 million data points across more than 270,000 sites. In a matter of hours or even minutes, this tool provides insightful recommendations into the optimal broadband solution, taking into consideration your ever-changing network requirements and enabling you to make faster decisions with confidence.

Compare Internet Provider Speed and Cost

Driven by machine learning (ML) technologies, the tool provides service availability predictions for different providers at given geographical locations (identified by zip code) and by specific service requirements in terms of upload/download speeds. Matching the transport against price parameters, the tool ranks the most cost-efficient option to meet criteria for speed, latency and availability. Hughes is one of the only Managed Services Providers (MSP) to offer this capability.

By providing visibility into all available terrestrial transports at a given location along with cost deployment information, we give you all the relevant details so you can make an informed decision about the best fit broadband type for your overall network. For example, if a broadband solution is already installed in a building where you are opening or expanding to, that information is presented as part of the calculation—allowing you to avoid or limit additional (or unnecessary) deployment costs.

Benefits of Managed Broadband

In addition to this tool, Hughes works directly with vendors providing management services to address support or billing needs, removing this burden from your team. That frees you up to focus on day-to-day business operations and serving customers while we manage the network. Hughes provides broadband support across multiple platforms, and we have the expertise to work directly with the providers to ensure optimal performance. As a business expands, Hughes proactively reviews how broadband usage grows, working with provider partners to identify the next best solution. Ultimately, for the enterprise network manager or decision-maker, we can significantly reduce the time it takes to determine broadband options, acquire support and maintain diverse broadband connections across an entire enterprise footprint––allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business operations and growth strategy instead of worrying about broadband choices. And that’s an AI story that makes for a better customer experience in real life.

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