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Managed Network Services Solve Real Business Challenges


Managed Network Services solve real business challenges and are delivered to be agile, scalable, and secure. These solutions optimize application performance and position an enterprise for whatever the future brings. For an enterprise, having a managed network means being able to adopt the latest technologies, enable new immersive user experiences, and fend off increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.

When delivered by an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can expect to reduce risk, improve time to deployment, augment the skills of your IT team, and transform your operations. It’s a collaborative partnership that will ensure you are well-positioned to deploy that “next” IT solution.

Complexity and SD-WAN

One of the most talked-about services to benefit from the presence of an MSP is Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN). SD-WAN delivers a level of automation to improve the flexibility and scalability of distributed networks; and simplifies the process of keeping WAN edge equipment configured and updated to the latest approved technologies. The MSP’s role and experience in managing delivery of SD-WAN and its benefits become essential when implementing and operating a complex network. Hughes is a recognized leader in the Managed SD-WAN market, and is ranked on the Vertical Systems Leaderboard as the number two provider of Managed SD-WAN.

Security and Modernization

Security is always on the minds of business leaders and IT executives. With increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, the need to keep security up-to-date is more important than ever. And playing reactive defense isn’t sufficient; enterprises are wise to take the initiative when it comes to cybersecurity. One option is a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) model, which an experienced MSP can build on top of an SD-WAN infrastructure to implement robust cybersecurity measures and protect headquarters, data centers, and remote sites connecting to a network.

The introduction of both SD-WAN and SASE overlays also make it possible for enterprises to modernize their networks, moving away from traditional MPLS circuits in favor of broadband connections. The higher speeds, greater availability, and lower broadband costs, mixed with SD-WAN and SASE, create an enterprise-grade network that can deliver more services at a lower price.

Performance and Availability

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools, the right MSP can deliver a self-healing network for improved availability and performance. Hughes was a pioneer in this space and the first to provide an AIOps innovation to enterprise-WANs. ML algorithms establish a baseline using petabytes of data; when devices deviate from the baseline, automated adjustments prevent outages and loss of service. The arc of innovation for AIOps expands and extends from the cloud to the data center and the customer edge.

Today, networks are the nervous system for every business – controlling, connecting, regulating, and communicating across the entire enterprise. Choosing the right MSP means a business won’t get left behind when it comes to digital transformation and capabilities, but it also means that very real challenges and problems can be solved.  

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