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Summer 2023 Interns Reflect on Learning the Ropes at Hughes

Hughes interns summer 2023

The Hughes internship program sets a high professional standard for its summer interns. We also set a high standard for what we want to deliver in terms of experiences. We want interns to have the opportunity to mature and develop their skills in a dynamic environment that is rich in mentoring, problem solving, innovation, culture and value. At the end of each summer, we then ask our interns to tell us about their experience working at Hughes. 

Here’s what some of them said this year: 

“I learned the importance of communication. More specifically, that there should be no fear in asking for help and clarity on something.” 

“This was a fun challenge of a project to work on that gave me an opportunity to take my prior knowledge in programming and security and implement it, but also allowed me to expand my knowledge even further by interacting with new components, services and tools.” 

“My manager taught me the significance of thinking ahead and maintaining organization of your work to complete deadlines. Being able to manage a lot at once is a key aspect of the job, and my manager taught me ways to streamline processes.” 

“My favorite part of the internship was learning about the software development environment and operating system that my team opted to use. It was my first time seeing a closed-sourced production code.” 

“You get the experience and connection of working for a large company, but also get the mentorship of a small company.” 

“My favorite part was being surrounded by so many people your age who are all striving to do the same, while still getting a taste of what full-time ‘real world’ jobs are like.” 

“Every day, I was faced with different tasks related to supply chain, purchasing, procurement, and operations that helped develop critical thinking and problem solving skills I will be able to use for years to come. I needed to collaborate with my team and others to ensure all sides of the business could run smoothly and to maximize the output of projects run by the engineers.” 

“My manager and fellow interns allowed me to see that asking questions is one of the most important things to minimize problems. This creates full communication between multiple parties and teams.” 

“I enjoyed the process of planning, executing and debugging a project with the help of mentors.” 

“The company culture and support provided by the different departments truly makes Hughes feel like a second home. The people here are great to work with and very dedicated to the success of the company.” 

“It’s a great experience! You get to meet people from different fields and different schools while still gaining real world experiences.” 

“I learned to accept that it is ok to slow down and really take your time if it improves the quality of the work. I also learned to always ask questions when I am stuck.” 

“One of my favorite parts about this internship has been the interactions I’ve had with others. Both personally and professionally, this experience has improved my ability to work with others as a team.” 

“The work has been fun and with a great company culture, everybody has been a pleasure to be around! Quite frankly, I love it here and could see myself coming back again in the future.” 

Our business is built on delivering a connected future and it’s safe to say this group of interns made some long-lasting connections during their time spent with us. We strive to offer a program where interns can connect with fellow interns, develop open communication with mentors and managers, and translate their studies into real-world problem solving. We wish all the best to our Summer ‘23 interns as they head back to school to continue their studies!