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Connecting after a Hurricane with Hughes Satellite Services

Hurricane evacuation route

Although the 2022 hurricane season started off relatively quiet, the back-to-back punches of Hurricanes Fiona and Ian are proof positive of the ‘above average’ season predicted earlier this year. The wake of these storms left devastation behind, with many people and communities still in the dark a week later. While lives and homes are the immediate priority following a natural disaster, providing connectivity for first responders is an essential step toward recovery.

As Hughes has done for decades, we work closely with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other government agencies to stand up emergency communications for disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires. Hearty, and even solar-powered, Hughes satellite terminals stand at the ready in places like Puerto Rico and hurricane-prone states, to be powered on and connected immediately after the storm passes. In the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona, first responders in Puerto Rico didn’t have to wait for a shipment of terminals to access the reliable, tried-and-true satellite connectivity from Hughes. It was already there.

Agencies such as FEMA rely on Hughes satellite connectivity to help coordinate disaster response and relief efforts. This support may entail reporting damaged roads and bridges for first responders to avoid in performing rescue missions. It may include calls for basic necessities like fresh drinking water and food. Or coordinating medical and rescue personnel from various state and federal agencies across communities struggling to account for all citizens. In situations such as these, from Hurricane Sandy to Maria to Ian, geostationary satellites have provided – and continue to provide – vital connectivity. 

Our SatCell Connect pop up connectivity solution delivers real-time cellular connections not just for first responders, but also for citizens to establish connections with loved ones.

Hurricanes can leave entire communities without internet of any kind, rendering them isolated from the outside world. Hughes provides the necessary infrastructure that allows local governments to remain connected no matter what conditions a natural disaster brings, thanks to our reliable, always-on satellite network.

The time for preparedness is now – don’t wait for the next hurricane to form out at sea to start establishing a disaster recovery plan that includes pre-staged and pre-ordered satellite solutions. Hughes is here to provide uninterrupted communications when you need it most – whether for first response, medical support, public safety, community notification, recovery efforts or essential supplies.