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How to Use Digital Signage to Influence Purchasing Behavior at Your C-store

Woman shopping at a convenience store

Today’s consumers are constantly on the go and have come to expect a high level of efficiency and convenience in their shopping experiences. For convenience stores, the expectation is right there in the name, putting even more pressure to deliver on this promise. 

C-stores face unique challenges compared to other types of retail businesses. For instance, they typically occupy a much smaller physical space, with most stores being less than 5,000 square feet in size. They also have limited storage space, which restricts the quantity and variety of products they can stock. 

Digital signage is one way your C-store can creatively and effectively promote products and instill interest with customers. If your convenience store is located at a gas station, digital signage placed in store windows can be used to entice your pump customers to come inside the store. 

With digital menu boards and promo boards, you can leverage the power of multimedia content with images, videos, animation, audio and text to engage your customers and help them make quicker buying decisions. 

Digital signage for convenience stores 

With Hughes MediaSignage you can captivate your customers’ attention with visual content that highlights products, limited-time offers, flash sales and promotions. This enhances customer experience and helps make products more appealing, leading to more sales. Our digital menu board solution is easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy. Creating, managing and scheduling menu board content is done through a simple drag & drop interface. Everything is accessed in the cloud, meaning you don’t need additional software or plugins, and all configuration can be done from a browser or smartphone. 

The real value of digital menu boards is the ability to display vivid product imagery and provide updates to your customers in real-time. Changes to content can be scheduled in advance, and customized based on time of day, shift, demographics or season. The solution easily integrates with POS systems and social media platforms so you can promote your brand, products and specials with your social network of followers. 

Key features of Hughes digital menu boards 

  • Fully customizable templates: Save time and improve operational efficiency with ready-made templates. 
  • Easy-to-use web management interface: Whether you have one menu board or five across multiple stores, anyone in your staff can manage the content from anywhere. 
  • Support for self-service kiosk technology: Easily integrates with interactive kiosks inside or outside your store.
  • Custom integration with external data sources: Our open interface makes it easy and safe to read data from other sources. 
  • Truly multimedia: The solution supports multiple graphics and video file types, including 4K. Screens can be used for video-on-demand. 
  • Configurable for employee use too: You can schedule specific information for your staff before opening or after closing to keep them up to date on your latest store policies and news. 

Why Hughes? 

Hughes has been building tailored technology solutions for C-stores for decades. We will work with you to understand the distinct challenges of your business and tailor the solution to help you optimize operations, create better customer experiences and boost employee engagement. 

Most importantly, Hughes provides an end-to-end solution for your business. Our highly skilled product experts will install, set up, manage and support the solution. You can focus on your business, while we take care of the technology. 

Let’s work together 

From investing in your facility, retaining staff, offering more fresh ready-to-go meals, and creating a space where your customers always feel welcome, digital signage offers an easy way to upsell products, and enhance every shopping experience. It’s time to say goodbye to outdated static displays and elevate your store’s profits and brand image with media-rich digital signage displays. 

Learn more about digital signage for convenience stores and contact us to explore a tailored solution for your business.