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Excellence in Universal Connectivity Award Honors Hughes and Five Partners

Providing connectivity in Mexico

Earlier this year, Hughes announced that several partners selected the Hughes JUPITER™ System platform to enable satellite-powered internet services in Mexico. Together, Stargroup, APCO Networks (Aitelecom), Eutelsat, Axess Networks and Globalsat are providing connectivity at 7,200 Community Wi-Fi and internet access sites as part of the Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) Telecomunicaciones e Internet para Todos (Telecommunications and Internet for Everyone) initiative. Recently, all six organizations were recognized by Euroconsult at World Satellite Business Week with the Excellence in Universal Connectivity Award for bringing connectivity everywhere and helping bridge the digital divide.

“We recognize the value of partnership in our mission to deliver the benefits of broadband to populations in Mexico and communities around the globe. We’re honored to accept this award alongside Stargroup, Apconet/Aitelecom, Eutelsat, Axess Networks and Globalsat and look forward to continued industry collaboration and innovation to advance the cause of a more connected world,” says Ramesh Ramaswamy, Executive Vice President & General Manager, International Division, Hughes.

Community Wi-Fi Hotspots like the ones deployed under this program, offer a low cost solution for making internet access available and affordable. Satellite-powered hotspots like these can be readily configured in public places or to serve neighborhoods and small businesses, where any user with a Wi-Fi enabled device or laptop can access the internet. Hotspots enable local residents to stay in touch with friends and family, seek public health telemedicine services, attend classes, learn about the world beyond their communities and participate in a thriving global economy. The shared solution serves tens or even hundreds of users, so capital expense per user is a fraction of the cost of a direct-to-home internet subscription.

Programs similar to CFE in Mexico, like BAKTI in Indonesia and Mintic in Colombia, offer free Wi-Fi at schools, community centers, health clinics and libraries. Globally, more than 65,000 Community Wi-Fi Hotspots deployed by Hughes service provider partners bring the benefits of internet access to over 30 million people.

The project in Mexico exemplifies the value of providers working together with the government to help bridge the digital divide – excellence in connectivity, indeed.