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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Contract # 4400017604

The Hughes proposed network design for COPA leverages our NOC-centric architecture and our seamless integration of multiple network access technologies to provide COPA with a broad range of secure transport options for both primary and backup services.  COPA may choose from wireline services such as DSL, cable, fiber, and Ethernet; and/or wireless services such as cellular, microwave and satellite.  Configurations may be chosen and blended based on COPA’s specific requirements.  A primary combination consisting of a blend of all wireline access will provide the lowest latency network service, while a primary blend of DSL and satellite will provide an overall lowest cost configuration.  Irrespective of the access technology selected and implemented, Hughes will seamlessly integrate the site into the Hughes managed broadband network.  All sites are proactively monitored, typically placed under Hughes’ on-site field maintenance, and routinely viewable on Hughes’ Customer Gateway.

The Hughes HR4700 Branch Gateway CPE incorporates industry-leading Fortinet security solutions, enabling Hughes to provide next generation firewall capabilities such as Intrusion Detection/Prevention, application control, and protection from advanced threats and other security technologies such as data leak prevention and vulnerability scanning and all centrally managed by Hughes.

The Hughes managed services offering includes the following:

  • PCI certified architectures, including maintenance of certification status
  • SAS70 certification
  • Network design and engineering
  • Program management
  • The HR4700 router configuration and management – includes IPSEC/VPN tunnel
  • Access circuit ordering and provisioning
  • The HR4700 router installation and site commissioning (includes COPA specific install specification)
  • 7x24 proactive monitoring of network, including the HR4700 router
  • Network operations 7x24
  • Help desk 7x24 (Tier 3 standard)
  • Suite of optional onsite field maintenance plans
  • Access to the unified Customer Gateway for install status, trouble ticketing, fault management, and performance management.

All Hughes solutions for COPA (Optimized Network, Highly Available Network, and SD-WAN) leverage our innovative ActiveTechnologiesTM that transform ordinary broadband connections into enterprise-grade high performance WANs.

  • ActiveCompression™ can achieve up to 300% higher throughput rates leveraging our 2-stage adaptive compression process. This reduces network congestion and improves application performance, especially at bandwidth constrained branch sites.
  • ActiveClassifier™ uses algorithms to automatically and dynamically classify traffic based on flow behavior, it eliminates the time-consuming process of manually configuring and maintaining rules to classify and prioritize specific applications. URL and Domain-based policies can easily be applied to prioritize key cloud apps.
  • ActiveQoS™ uniquely measures end-to-end capacity on broadband links, dynamically updating multi-level path priority queues and traffic shapers to best maximize field office bandwidth usage. This results in dramatically improved performance for VoIP and video traffic in an environment where individual field offices may be subjected to varying broadband transport speeds.
  • ActivePath™ is the core of our SD-WAN solution. This newest feature incorporates novel algorithms and techniques that exploit the use of multiple access to each filed office. Intelligent Multipath Replication (IMR) ensures applications are delivered without interruption across the secure WAN overlay regardless of degradation on a single path.

For more information, please contact Amir Dehdashty at 301-601-2674 or at [email protected] or you can fill out our CONTACT US form to have us contact you.