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Franchise Advisory Board

Mission Statement

The Hughes Franchise Advisory Board (FAB) is a group of professionals representing franchise-based businesses. They share a desire to seek out technology innovations and improvements to assist the Franchise community. The Hughes FAB provides Hughes with information on franchise specific business needs and concerns. The group acts as a sounding board for Hughes to share product and service ideas and receive feedback on their applicability to the Franchisees needs. Finally, the Hughes FAB provides advice and helps Hughes formulate communication out to the broad franchise community. 

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At Hughes, we are customer driven, in fact many of our HughesON Managed Service Solutions are the result of customer requests and solutions developed to meet those requests. At Hughes we are providing services to a wide range of franchise organizations and their many franchisees. Many of the franchisees who are using Hughes services and solutions are members of multiple brand programs. We know that the Franchise market is unique and that working with the Franchisee, within the guidelines of the Franchisor is challenging. We have a long history in this market, and we are uniquely capable of working in this three-way relationship.  

We formed the Hughes Franchise Advisory Board (FAB) to help us review and validate products and solutions that we believe will serve the Franchise community. The Hughes FAB members are passionate about their industry, but do not have to be existing Hughes customers. We are seeking people to join the Hughes FAB who are willing to share some time with Hughes and their peers and have open, frank and productive dialog.  

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Role and Purpose

The FAB exists as an organized feedback channel for Hughes to hear from and talk to leaders in the franchise industry about franchise-related business and technology issues. Our goal is to learn from this interaction, thus fulfilling our motto of “Talk, Listen, and Learn”. The FAB holds quarterly virtual meetings that vary in length, depending on the agenda. Once a year the group will gather at the annual Hughes User Group (HUG) conference. Participation in the FAB entitles the member to a no-cost conference pass to the HUG Conference. As a member of the FAB, you are committing to attend the quarterly meeting and, if possible, the annual conference event. A formal agenda and any relevant content will be distributed in advance to prepare for discussions at the quarterly meeting.

Please email [email protected] or fill out the form below to be considered!