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Corporate DVR/VOD Employee Communication Appliance

Ever since TiVo first introduced us to the idea of time-shifted viewing, we have been in love with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Watching what we want and when we want is a mainstay of home viewing. Translate this to the business world and you have the Hughes Corporate DVR. We already know that the workforce wants to Watch their way to knowledge, so why not give them the ability to watch the way and when they want?

The difference between at home and at work video viewing is primarily who is in control of the content available and the content that is stored. At home the various Cable networks provide content, at work the company is the media network. In our home we decide what to record and make available for time shifted viewing. At work the company can pre-position recorded content on the DVR and make it available for OnDemand viewing by the local employees.

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"Whether you are building a corporate communications network, a training services network, or a content delivery network, the Hughes Corporate DVR is ready to work for you."

Communication, Recognition and Growth are Critical to Employees

When asked why they stay at a job, or why they left a former position, the employee responses generally come down to three things; Communication, Recognition and Growth. These are critical success objectives in a modern distributed company.

Employee Communication is not employee training – communication is sharing information with the workforce, so they understand the “Why?” of their role and for the company. Everyone wants to feel part of something, and Employee Communication is the tool for helping people feel connected.

Employee Recognition strengthens the bond with the company and motivates everyone to do more. As people we crave acknowledgement of our contributions. Across the whole organization, C-Suite to Front Line Staff, people want to know that they are appreciated. Displaying that recognition for all to see motivates the recipient as they feel appreciated. It also motivates colleagues who want to achieve similar recognition.

Employee Training is another double benefit action. First, it will make your employees more confident and better prepared to offer a great customer experience. Second, if you show them a path to personal development, improvement and career advancement, they are more likely to be loyal and stay with you. The use of video to deliver training is an absolutely the right way to go. Retention of information is higher, and the training experience is far better when video is used. Some organizations will have the employees view content on their own, others will have the local onsite leader gather groups and together watch the content and discuss as group. Either way you are assured that everyone receives the same messages.




“Employees want Communication, Recognition
and Growth; which in turn
build engagement.”


Kevin Kruse, CEO LEADx




“Globally, deskless workers from industries like Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality, make up 80% of the workforce. Communication tools are needed to reach these people.”

Multiple Users and Multiple Paths to view content

The Hughes Corporate DVR is designed so that users can choose the path to content that is most appropriate for them. Here are some use cases:

Deskless Employee

For those organizations that have a deskless workforce (retail, service, etc.) there is a remote control similar to the one we all have at home. This allows the employee or group of employees to sit down in front of the appliance and bring up a list of content, the list can be organized into categories and sub-categories and it is searchable. Once they select the content they want to view, they press play.

The home office can also organize an Electronic Program Guide (EPG) which is similar to the Guide that we have on our home DVRs. The difference is that the content is locally stored and not a live feed. Using this feature the organization can create their own set of channels and have scheduled content playing as often as they wish. Employees can sit down and join any authorized channel to view the content just like live programming. The appliance supports as many channels as you wish to create.

Traditional Computer Based Employee

If your workforce has access to a computer, either assigned or shared, then the Corporate DVR also provides a web-based interface where the user can connect and select content from a graphical interface. This same access is available to browser enabled devices like smartphones and tablets. This HTML5 UI is customized to match your company branding too.

Further, the Corporate DVR can act as a local repository for your computer-based training content. Using the Hughes MediaTraining SaaS communication service, you can assign content and the service will automatically deliver content to the Corporate DVR located where employees need to consume the content. This local repository delivers content faster and improves the employee viewing experience significantly. It also reduces the stress on the company WAN by delivering content during off-peak hours. Content viewing is tracked and reported back to the head end and can be integrated into any existing HR or other tracking service, if desired.

“Video is a very powerful and effective force for workforce knowledge and learning.  As the internet shifts from a reading to a viewing platform, with increasing levels of video content available, the workforce expects to be able to ‘watch their way to knowledge’ and context.  We are witnessing a sharp increase in corporate interest and deployment of video for learning and performance.”


-Elliott Masie, CEO The MASIE Center




“Browser access allows employees to choose the time and device for viewing content.”

video on demand

Tracking and Reporting

Knowing what content is being viewed by which locations is a very helpful statistic. The Hughes Corporate DVR appliance tracks and reports back on which content is viewed each day. Content views can be associated with business performance metrics to see if the content is having an impact. When content has no views, you can review whether that content is lacking information or value as well. When users sit down to watch a video, they can press a button on the remote and input the employee ID of each person and the appliance will report that back as well.

Security and Authorizations

The Hughes Corporate DVR is a component of the Hughes content delivery system. This includes security and authorizations. The content is delivered securely, stored securely and access to content can be granted or prevented on a site by site basis.

Content Delivery and Protecting the Wide Area Network

When implementing a hardware appliance across distributed sites, it makes sense to find multiple uses for the technology. This reduces the overall total cost of ownership (TCO).


In today’s world, business services and software are increasingly being delivered from the Cloud. This means that the connection from the local site to the Internet is critical and protecting that connection from unnecessary or lower priority traffic is a benefit. Using the Corporate DVR and the included content delivery capabilities means that you can pre-position or deliver content to the site and access as needed. Content might include training information, software patches or any other digital files that need to be distributed to the organization’s remote sites.

Satellite Broadcast Receiver

For those organizations who want to create a full broadcast network, the Hughes Corporate DVR (model HS3600) can be the satellite receiver (IRD) and has support for DVB broadcasting standards. The appliance can receive up to 14 separate multicast channels and record any one or all of the channels simultaneously.

"The corporate DVR brings flexibility and ease of use to enterprise communications. Improving the communication flow and the delivery of information from the boardroom to the showroom."


Organizations that take utilize the Hughes Corporate DVR typically place an appliance at each site location and connect it to a monitor based on the size of the room. The appliance connects using HDMI and needs one power connection and a network connection. The management system for distributing content and controlling the EPG etc. is available as SaaS or as a server installed in your datacenter. For more information about configuration and network diagrams, please download our Corporate DVR brochure.

Let’s make it work for your Organization!

Hughes is ready to meet with you and talk about your goals and objectives. Once we understand what you want to accomplish, we can show you how the Hughes Corporate DVR can contribute to your success. Give us a call and join the customers who already have this appliance deployed and are improving their business results through time shifted video communication services.