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MNSP: A New Era in POS Security

Both leading retail petroleum point of sale (POS) providers, Verifone and Gilbarco, are transitioning from directly providing a network security solution for their POS platform to a certified Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) program. To ensure secure remote access for POS helpdesk support and vendor software updates, both Verifone Commander and Gilbarco Passport® customers should transition to a certified MNSP solution. Additionally, a certified MNSP solution is also a key requirement for supporting outdoor EMV transactions at automated fuel dispensers (i.e., pay at the pump).


Previously, both Verifone and Gilbarco included a network security device as part of their POS platform to enable remote access for their helpdesk. Verifone used the Enhanced Zone Router (EZR.) Gilbarco used the Cisco RV042 router.  These legacy security products must be replaced. The functionality of these boxes will now become the responsibility of certified MNSPs.

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Certified MNSP for both Gilbarco and Verifone

Transitioning to the certified MNSP program requires a significant change to the store’s network architecture. The current POS firewall must be removed and replaced with an MNSP network security solution. Operators should include the MNSP transition in their outdoor EMV upgrade plans*.

In addition to supporting the current security requirements, such as network segmentation and firewall policy management, Hughes provides other relevant network security services to address critical PCI compliance requirements, such as Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) support, vulnerability scanning, employee training, etc.

With the new MNSP program and the upcoming outdoor EMV liability shift, retail petroleum is undergoing a dramatic amount of change over a short time span. The certified MNSP program not only represents an opportunity to improve the security posture, facilitate PCI compliance, and grow the flexibility of the store network, this is also an opportunity to prepare the store network for numerous future initiatives, including outdoor EMV, back office cloud applications, tank monitoring, digital menu boards, and more.

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