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Global Network Solutions

Connect Your Distributed Organization Seamlessly

For distributed enterprises and organizations that cross borders and oceans, network management takes on a new level of complexity. With global, multi-transport managed services from Hughes, organizations can focus on business priorities, while Hughes manages and optimizes the networks on which they depend.




Best Available Transport at Every Site

For decades, Hughes has orchestrated multi-national networks for enterprises and NGOs, connecting each site in the network with the best available transport – whether satellite, wireline or wireless.

One example is a global, 260-site network for a major multinational organization. This network extends from Europe to remote places such as Ascension, Cook, Easter and St. Helena Islands. Hughes implemented and manages data transport and remote station operations and monitoring at each site. As part of the managed service, Hughes obtained regulatory approvals required to install sites in numerous countries and managed the logistics for staging and shipping equipment on a global scale.

With more than 450 global partners, Hughes delivers high performance, enterprise-grade network connections everywhere – including in hard to reach remote locations with every type of transport – from MPLS to fiber, cable to LTE, and LEO to GEO satellite.

Global Managed Network Services

As a global company with offices worldwide and five decades of multi-transport networking expertise, Hughes delivers a range of global managed network services to meet enterprise needs.

For satellite customers and network operators, Hughes offers an array of Business Support Services (BSS) and Operational Support Services (OSS) for satellite implementations using Hughes JUPITER™ System ground technology. For global enterprises, such as retailers and banks, Hughes designs, implements and manages essential network solutions such as Managed SD-WAN under the suite of HughesON™ Managed Services.


For a custom managed network solution to meet your multi-national organization’s needs, contact Hughes today.