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Large Ferry Company Implements Satellite Broadband for Passenger Wi-Fi and Fleet Operations

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"With Global Roaming built-in to the system, JUPITER-driven vessels can enjoy high speed service at sea, roaming seamlessly from operator to operator and system to system."


A European wireless ISP provides satellite connectivity for maritime customers and needed a high-speed solution for a company operating a large fleet of ferries.


In order to remain competitive in attracting passengers and retaining crew, the large ferry company sought high-speed mobility connectivity to support on-board communications and replace a slower Ku-band satellite implementation. Passengers expected to be able to access entertainment, stay connected with family and friends and follow through on work obligations while sailing. The crew required more bandwidth and speed to support enterprise applications like reservation systems and dining services, and for their own welfare and morale. 

Additionally, the ferry operator employs a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to transmit passenger and vessel information, electronic payments, data downloads and server upgrades, and needed a solution that would enable secure VPN access anytime, anywhere on the water or at port.

Hughes Solution

The wireless ISP operator chose the Hughes JUPITER™ System with Ka-band satellite capacity to replace its Ku-band supported services.

  • Each ferry now provides secure Wi-Fi service to crew and travelers, with capacity and speed to support video streaming.
  • With its improved connectivity, the ferry company’s restaurants and bars process point-of-sale transactions and connect operations to enterprise applications.
  • Speeds up to 50 Mbps forward and 10 Mbps return provide guests and crew with reliable communications and a better overall travel experience. 

Hughes Technology Highlights

  • The JUPITER System for maritime service enables reliable, cost-effective and efficient onboard connectivity.
  • Using Ka-, Ku- and C-band satellite capacity, the JUPITER System gateways and rugged HT2500 routers deliver throughputs of up to 300 Mbps. 
  • The system supports up to 16,000 simultaneous sessions and is ideal for delivering connectivity to a vessel full of bandwidth-hungry crew members and passengers.
  • A Global Roaming feature enables airplanes, vessels and vehicles to operate on any JUPITER System in the world (provided that roaming agreements have been established).


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