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Seven Hughes Execs to Speak at Much Anticipated SATELLITE 2021 Event


This year’s much awaited SATELLITE 2021 Conference and Exhibit takes place September 7 – 10 at the Gaylord National Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland—just outside of Washington, D.C. It marks the 40th Anniversary of the event, the 35th Anniversary of Via Satellite, and the 50th Anniversary of Hughes—all of which will be celebrated throughout the week.

Below is a recap of program events featuring Hughes executives and thought leaders.

Tuesday, Sept. 7th 

Dr. C. S. Ravishankar, senior vice president of Engineering 
The Hidden Complexity of Ground Communications (9:30am, Rooms: Baltimore 1-2)—One of the most complicated processes satellite owners experience in mission planning is the implementation of ground communication tools. In this session, speakers will reveal the intricacies of well-designed APIs and ground system software, and how to avoid burdensome implementations.

Jennifer Manner, senior vice president of Regulatory Affairs
How do We Establish Laws in Space? (3:00pm, Rooms: Woodrow Wilson B-D)—Via Satellite's On Orbit podcast presents this LIVE episode about establishing law and order in space. Which set of rules would space travelers be bound to during a commercial space cruise? Or, at a lunar mining facility? Some industry leaders have already said that they would reject any Earth regulations on the Moon and Mars. Listen to this engaging discussion about important challenges facing human space explorers.

Ramesh Ramaswamy, executive vice president and general manager, International
Global Fixed Satellite Services: Media Broadcasting & Enterprise Networks (3:00pm, Room: Woodrow Wilson A)—In many regions, while satellite TV maintains a strong market foothold, there is increased activity in IoT and data transfer to and from the Cloud. Learn how fixed satellite service providers are balancing resources to meet demands and how the industry plans to protect spectrum resources for fixed services.

Wednesday, Sept. 8th 

Raghunandan Janardhan, senior director, Technical 
High-Capacity Ground Relay Systems (11:00am, Rooms: Baltimore 3-5)—Because most LEO satellites are designed to circle the earth in 90 minutes or so, they offer only a brief window in which to communicate with the ground at any one point. This poses real challenges and opportunities for ground systems – spurring such innovations as the Hughes gateway for OneWeb, capable of 10,000 hand-offs per second. This session will explain how new space data relay systems and service providers can help overcome such limitations.

Bhanu Durvasula, vice president, International
Advancements in 5G Satellite Backhaul (11:00am, Rooms: Baltimore 1-2)—With demand for high performance mobile services reaching unprecedented levels around the world, the reality of 5G is coming rapidly into view. In this session, attendees will learn about the various technologies that are enabling faster speeds and more data over satellite for cellular backhaul broadband connectivity for big-data enterprise applications or connecting remote communities. It will also address the question of effective backhaul for future 5G networks and the impact of open standards.

Paul Gaske, executive vice president and general manager, North America
High-Speed Satellite vs Fiber – Making the Business Case for Customers (2:00pm, Room: Woodrow Wilson A)—When it comes to connecting customers on the other side of the digital divide, satellite service providers enjoy an infrastructure cost advantage over fiber competitors. How long will that advantage last? This session tackles how satellite can maintain that edge not only in remote connectivity scenarios, but also for enterprise customers and even 5G services. Speakers will explore R&D investment into upgrading services, and how to sell and promote satellite connectivity as more than just a back-up.

Thursday, Sept. 9th 

Rajeev Gopal, vice president, Advanced Programs 
The Digital Transformation of MILSATCOM (2:00pm, Rooms: Woodrow Wilson B-D)—The Space Force is looking to digital engineering to overhaul its current procurement system, with military buyers and contractors collaborating in virtual cloud networks to oversee equipment models in development as well as production and system upgrades. This panel will discuss digital transformation and improving workflow through modeling, simulation, and testing tools.

Join the SATELLITE Anniversary Celebration, 6:00–8:00pm at the Pose Rooftop Lounge at the Gaylord—Hughes is sponsoring a galaxy-sized celebration at the Pose Rooftop Lounge at the Gaylord where you can catch up with old friends and enjoy the views. Celebrate innovations and milestones from the past and predictions for the future. Access to the Anniversary Celebration is included with your SATELLITE 2021 registration.