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SD-WAN - A Silent Revolution in the Multi-Branch Enterprise


Business critical apps and the move to the cloud over the last few years, have been a massive game changer in multi-branch businesses. SD-WAN technology is making in-roads in a low-key, silent manner. Adoption is being seen in the retail and restaurant industry. Cloud apps, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT) and Guest Wi-Fi are driving a greater dependence on the network and security for distributed enterprises across their branches.

Many research studies indicate that digital organizations are 65% more profitable than companies that did not embrace the change.

A Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) brings the network to the digital era. For large distributed organizations, the complexity of running several broadband connections composed of many distinct transport types, combined with the challenges of managing the network, IT and security, can be overwhelming. That’s why an end-to-end managed services model would be the way to go.


  • BANDWIDTH - Delivering high-capacity networks via high-performance broadband
  • COST - Addressing cost-prohibitive MPLS networks via cost effective optimized broadband networks
  • CLOUD ACCESS - Enabling reliable cloud access at the edge by delivering direct Internet access
  • SECURITY - Delivering industry leading security with Advanced Threat Protection
  • PERFORMANCE - Providing reliable application performance via real-time, dynamic traffic shaping
  • AVAILABILITY - Preventing brownouts with "Active-active" connectivity and real-time application traffic management


As a technology and managed service leader, Hughes is in a unique position to deliver on the promise of SD-WAN. The Hughes end-to-end managed SD-WAN solution, powered by ActiveTechnologies™, transforms broadband connections into the high performing networks required by the modern distributed organization.

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