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Five Reasons Why SD-WAN Is Right for Your Enterprise


Software-Defined Wide Area Network. The term makes you think of a fully automated network that adapts to changes and maximizes application performance without the need for human hands to touch a keyboard.

Why should you consider an SD-WAN? Understanding the 'Why' is going to provide the justification for any resources that you may need to implement this technology.

There are many reasons SD-WAN might be right for you, but we’re going to focus on some of the main business drivers for implementing SD-WAN in this post. Key business drivers for an SD-WAN implementation include security, bandwidth optimization, cost savings, network reliability and cloud access. These drivers compound when you have a distributed network with many remote sites.

Security – Every day the news reports more network threats and attacks. Creating security policies and updating firewalls and routers by hand is a cumbersome and error-prone process. With secure SD-WAN from Hughes, policy replication and updating are automated from a central management system, reducing time and removing errors.

Bandwidth Optimization – Because the move from legacy MPLS to Broadband is real and businesses everywhere are making the move. Every day the need for bandwidth grows and businesses must utilize every possible bit of the bandwidth that is purchased. With Hughes Managed SD-WAN you get compression, quality of service (QoS) and classification.

Compression and classification maximizes your bandwidth utilization and allow your network to dynamically adapt to changes in transport characteristics and prioritization of apps.

Network Reliability – Because a network that is not available is worthless. Full outages and brownouts interrupt business data flow, degrade the customer experience and kill productivity. Hughes Managed SD-WAN anticipates these interruptions and moves network data around intelligently to take full advantage of multiple WAN paths and prevent data flow interruptions.

Cloud Access – Because applications and services are the future. Increasingly, businesses are implementing applications such as Workday, SalesForce and Office365. Additionally, the use of cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud is moving core business apps from the company data center into the public cloud. Your Managed SD-WAN infrastructure from Hughes will make sure that this connectivity is available and will keep data flowing.

Hughes brings together the combination of a full managed service provider with experience in connecting thousands of locations with a variety of broadband services; and a proven technology developer. Our experience with distributed networks gave us the knowledge to develop the Hughes secure SD-WAN Gateway, this single appliance opens the door to a simple, secure, and reliable SD-WAN implementation. one more very important differentiator.

Cost Savings - Normally when you add functionality, you are adding costs. The Hughes approach to Distributed SD-WAN is unique and it allows us to save you costs over what you are paying today without SD-WAN. Give us a call and let us show you how we can implement a Secure Distributed SD-WAN solution for the infrastructure of your network.