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Digital Transformation is in High Gear Going into 2021

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In our podcast, The Digital Transformation of Business, we talk about the increasing ways that digital technology is changing business. This past year had many challenges and obstacles. However, important digital transformations have helped overcome some of these challenges and changed the way businesses operate.

For example, using apps to interact with consumer businesses is here to stay. Just as guest Wi-Fi became an assumption, an app is a requirement for your business. The transition to remote workforces also accelerated the use of cloud-based business applications, such as Office365, SalesForce, and Workday.

The movement to place computing resources at the edge is another advancement that supports digital transformation. Implementing Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) was step one, and the addition of Secure Access Secure Edge or SASE was another important process.Technologies used to track customer behaviors, like the Internet of Behavior (IoB), will now start working to support employees. IoB for employees means collecting information about where an employee connects, what type of devices they use, what speeds they receive, and what applications they use. The network will adapt to the collected data accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will become operationally mainstream. This technology will enable networks to deliver security, performance, and reliability based on the usage model. The network experience will be based on the person, the situation, and the need. Additionally, the operational use of AI—Gartner refers to this as AIOps—will enable the network to provide greater reliability. Hughes is a leader in using AI/ML to create self-healing networks.

Universal access to the Internet (anytime, anyplace, and any device) will become even more critical. A single connectivity strategy will not be successful. Our customers look to Hughes to “make messy simple” and allow them to focus on their core business. As a recognized leader among global managed service providers, we have the relationships, the experience, and the resources to serve distributed organizations.

Beyond the network, human connections are equally important. Leadership now recognizes that meaningful connections through video are critical. At Hughes, we pioneered employee communication as a service with our Breakroom TV service. With Smart TV apps and cloud-based content management, the simplicity and universal accessibility is better than ever.

Digital Transformation is no longer something to plan for; it is happening now. Organizations need trusted and experienced services providers like Hughes to help them navigate the pathways. Join us, and together we can do something great!