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Hughesnet Named Best Satellite Internet Service, Meets Increased Demand in More Places


In 1996, Hughes introduced the first satellite Internet service for consumers and small businesses – which would ultimately become the service now marketed as Hughesnet®. By 2012, the company was powering Hughesnet with speeds of 5 Mbps down. Since then, Hughesnet has offered continually faster speeds generation over generation with each successive release.

In fact, this drive to continually enhance the customer experience is at the core of the company’s ongoing innovations in both satellite and ground systems technology for its own Hughesnet as well as in support of other operators’ broadband implementations around the world. And that’s why today’s satellite technology is sophisticated, fast and dependable.

Hughesnet now supports speeds of 25 Mbps down (the FCC’s current definition of “broadband”) for consumer plans. These capabilities are part of the reason Hughesnet is the leading satellite Internet service and has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report 360 Reviews as the Best Satellite Internet Provider of 2021. U.S. News cites superior data performance and availability as competitive differentiators for Hughesnet.

Most recently, Hughes secured additional capacity over Puerto Rico for Hughesnet. Made possible by engineering the Hughes 63 West satellite payload, the capacity increase will enhance the customer experience for current Hughesnet customers across Puerto Rico and enable Hughes to serve even more customers on the island with affordable, reliable Internet access.

“Due to the pandemic and recent natural disasters, the people of Puerto Rico understand the value of being connected,” said Peter Gulla, senior vice president, Hughes. “Across the island, Hughesnet delivers internet access by satellite so people can work from home, attend school, and keep up with latest health and disaster information. Hughesnet goes where other providers can’t reach.”

Because the need for connectivity has never been greater, Hughes continues to optimize its network. The company is currently building its newest generation satellite, dubbed JUPITER 3, which is slated for launch in the first half of 2023. When it enters service, JUPITER 3 will enable higher speed plans. What’s more, the satellite will deliver more than 500 Gbps of capacity across two continents, with service targeted directly to communities where wire-line services are not available – another example of how continual improvements and expansions help to serve more people in more places.