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A New Way to Close Knowledge Gaps in Edge Computing and Its Strategic Value


Learn from Active Practitioners During Virtual Innovation Day on July 15, 2020

As technologies evolve, even those leading the change have questions related to what new landscapes will look like. My last blog shared a list of questions I developed to better understand the emerging space of “edge computing.” These include:

  • Will real-time decision making and less dependence on connectivity create value for a business?
  • If my investment into DevOps and the cloud could allow me to extend my application reach to the edge, could a faster response time generate value?
  • Who manages these edge computing devices?

Ironically, the architecture in question predates the latest terms and buzzwords. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity to cross-reference this modality with other developments like Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) and DevOps. Here, I’d like to share a useful approach for progressing conversations around edge computing to focus on its strategic value.

The Key Players

One rudimentary framework is to look at three key stakeholders—those involved in tech-driven business problem solving:

  1. Enterprises that bring business challenges and opportunities to the market
  2. Startups that bring new solutions to enterprises
  3. Service layer players that provide and manage the infrastructure to sustain systems that support these solutions

We, at Hughes, fall into the latter category and like many, are pressed to understand how the other two are navigating the space. Today, it’s edge computing. Tomorrow, it’ll be something else. Innovation that truly solves business problems demands insight from all three stakeholders to converge.

Helping Insights Converge

With the help of our friends at Plug and Play, we have put together an interactive web event to initiate the types of interactions and discussions that such convergence will require. We are hosting a virtual Innovation Day on July 15, 2020, where we will bring together the enterprises committed to edge computing and the startups bringing that ecosystem to life. Our expectation is for participants to get a broader sense of concrete examples and use cases where their peers have made investments, and not simply contemplated or ideated change. This is the leading edge of action, no pun intended.

While we often share thought leadership on adoption and pose questions you can use in your own exploration or acceleration of edge computing-inspired solutions, this event will propel efforts by bringing together active practitioners. We expect close to 10 startups to share their work in brief pitches, preceded by a corporate panel discussion featuring enterprise leaders who will share their own first-hand experiences along with views of what lies ahead. Topics will include business problems driving adoption; infrastructure management and orchestration; and applications to accelerate and optimize AI/ML deployments at the edge.

Our current circumstances around the world have prompted all of us to reflect on how we do business and within that context, how we use technology. We may be on the cusp of not one, not two, but rather multiple leapfrogs to get to where we will ultimately land. Our goal is to offer access to the business intelligence and evidence related to the directions that carry more promise. We hope you’ll plan to join us. Look for more event details posted in the coming week.

You can fill out the form to let us know if you would like to be informed.